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Touhou - Yuuka's Seed Baby By LemonBarb -- Report

Thumbnail done by the artist "duzimura". Found said thumbnail from a less... reputable source. But hey, if not for them, I'd have not gotten the hue to write this fanfic break writing.

Disclaimer; I don't own 2hou, and not suuper familiar with it, bar probably gonna butch up at least 'a' take on a character, (da) ze?

Second, this is probably a 'hack danmaku battle', combat practice wise as the voreshadow. Probably will butch bullet hell, but hey; it's a bit of a bias niche... *Looks at a certain Typing Bullet Hell game.*

Lastly, no "ze". Or at least, any 'hack Japlish bar the last letter'. I blame a certain rough diamond, for that out-tick. But hey, end result is hopefully, a "kinda faithful" take on Touhou, yuri unbirth edition?

I especially missed all the Yuuka unbirth art I wish I got saved, until it got lost to the ages. Also miss; Danmaku Death for android. But hey, there's apks... right?

EDIT: Ninja fixed some typo errors. And added a 2hu tag, since I clearly forgot to mark the fandom. Thanks for correcting this, dear readers! :)

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Posted by skorm 10 days ago Report

My my this is quite a sensual piece from you lemon I Especially liked your word play on the unbirth , quite the nice touch on a game usually so fighting based . I do indeed imagine she will bring much beauty to yuuka’s “garden” indeed my friend.


Posted by LemonBarb 10 days ago Report

Assuming, Yuuka here decides on planting a new type of 'flower', instead of either intentionally (or not) forgetting on even letting a Seed/regressed Marisa, out of her own internal 'garden', or womb.


Posted by skorm 10 days ago Report

I’m betting she’s gona stay in her internal garden indeed