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Anubis And Blaze: Love Hurts By Luna2120 -- Report

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Blaze: And I love yo…

Blaze covers her mouth, she couldn't help but say that out loud. Anubis just grabs her hands and takes them off her mouth. 

Anubis: I am honestly glad you said it first, I was scared too cause I didn't wanna ruin anything.

She places her hands on his shoulders.

Blaze: Wait… you didn't want to ruin anything? I've had a massive crush on you since we were kids! 

Anubis: I wonder if your crush happened before mine did?

Both pokemon start laughing. It's so loud that it actually causes a small earthquake around where they are standing.

Anubis: So Blaze, I think the only thing left is to ask, will you officially be my Girlfriend?

Instead of just answering Blaze just brings herself right to him and kisses his lips. 

Blaze: You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that! Ofcourse I will be your Girlfriend!

Anubis this time brings himself in for a kiss as the 2 of them feel something hit their legs. Blaze looks down to see that the military has shown up and is  trying to bring them down. 


Her screaming only makes the tanks fire on the 2 once more if nothing else but out of fear, but this would only be a mistake.

Blaze: That's it! You want something to Fire at!?
Anubis can only watch as Blaze rapidly grows from 400ft to the Max Mile tall Stature that Luna told them about. She feels that headache feeling again but is way too mad to care.

Anubis: Um… B?


Anubis tries to grow but Blaze brings down her foot, now at a size where he is the size of a Cheri Berry in comparison, comes down and crushes him and the entire army around him. Luckily for him his increased size and strength means he isn't too hurt.

The anger leaves Blaze's eyes and she realizes He was under her foot, she lifts it up to see him basically fine on the center of her paw.

Blaze: Oh my god 'Nubi are you okay?!?

Anubis: That… was so... Hot…
Blaze carefully picks him off her paw and places him back down on the ground, then shrinks back down to the 400ft tall size she was before. Anubis sits up and rubs the back of his head. 

Anubis: You know… part of the reason I was scared of asking you out was I was scared you would kick if you didn't feel the same… I think that was way hotter. Your paws are so damn soft. 

Blaze with some slight tiers in her eyes hugs Anubis. 

Blaze: Sorry 'Nubi, I should have grabbed you or something to get you out of the way. 

Anubis: Blaze, calm down love I would be under your perfect paws a second time. And seeing you at your Max Size was so hot.

Well its Official! Anubis and Blaze are officially a couple... actually as you will see on Monday Im retconning it to they have just always been a couple cause honestly they are just too cute together to not have be one. Will this lead to other things down the line? Who's to say but one thing I know for sure is  anvitzi did a fantastic job with these 2 dorks! Well back to the qriting cave for my story for Monday. See you then!

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Posted by Moxxieasslover 10 days ago Report

Awwwww they are so cute :3


Posted by Luna2120 9 days ago Report

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the story im posting Monday where this scene is gonna be from!


Posted by Moxxieasslover 9 days ago Report

yes i like that to