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A Change Of Life By Shikari -- Report

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Finally, it is here. A continuation of my previous story, 'A Change of Fate'. I really enjoyed writing this one, but it's a tad bit wordy. Possibly my longest one. < u >
For anyone just wanting to get to the obscenely -dirty- stuff, it will be located under 'The Following Morning'.

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Posted by skorm 10 days ago Report

Oooo a sequel!


Posted by Shikari 10 days ago Report

That's right~! < u >


Posted by skorm 10 days ago Report

I dare say I Dident expect a corruption such as that , I did enjoy the more story aspect of this it reached the highest note at the end , a grand performance the guilt, the shame, and the hunger , intertwined with the blame , you just wrote the song that ended Anna’s innocence and fall to what I can only call demon hood for what greater treasure is there to lose then the bonds of humanity, and the held back laughter at the irony of it all that she did the exact same thing as Alice , it’s clear to me you know how to tell more then just a kink now. Bravo


Posted by King05 10 days ago Report


And DAMMM, corruption like this is so fucking hot, as well as the descriptive wording for the giant shit pile so incredibly hot and like always, that kitsune pred giving no fucking mercy best Predators i swear

This was super good, u need a reward for this ❤❤


Posted by King05 10 days ago Report

Bruh this site doesn't know the clap emote lol


Posted by Shikari 9 days ago Report

Oh my, I'm so glad you enjoyed it~! ^ ^ I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves corruption.

I think people taking interest is the biggest reward for me <3


Posted by ErRynArya 2 days ago Report

This seems to be shaping up into a whole series and I for one am fucking here for it. Holy shit, or unholy shit like Alice and Ariel, the steady build up of Anna's corruption is done so fucking good. You can actually feel the emotions of the girl as she tries to retain some semblance of humanity before saying "fuck it" and just enjoying what her master has to offer. Fully giving in and learning of the depraved pleasures she could experience for herself if she just obeys.

I'd also be interested in seeing them mate, but that's just because kitsunes with knots are hot as hell, though I am curious, if they have pups together, wouldn't they need to eat the whole village to survive? A scene of them mating while each digesting someone would also be quite hot. There's honestly just too many ways for the story to go and so many possibilities for what Anna and Ayuki can do. THAT, is the hallmark of a good writer. Setting up plot for future stories with so many possible outcomes.

I look forward to seeing the next installment one day~


Posted by Shikari 2 days ago Report

I'm surprised it turned out this way myself, but I'm glad it did! I've been potentially considering a mating scene as a sort of side-story in the near future, but I decided to finish it up with a finale of sorts and I look forward to the depravity that comes with it <3