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 "...You wanted to see me, Twilight?"
 Rainbow Dash poked her head into the empty classroom. Twilight had left a note for her saying that she wanted to have a quick discussion. The note had been vague, but Rainbow hadn't been too worried. She knew that Twilight could get punctual when she was falling behind schedule, and leaving a note with only a time, place, and a couple of words wasn't anything out of the ordinary. However, as Dash quickly discovered, the inside of the classroom would be anything but.
 "Yes...come in...Rainbow..." Twilight said in an airy, dreamy voice. "Please...shut the door...behind you..."
 Rainbow Dash slipped inside, closing the door gently behind her. Her eyes went wide as she saw Twilight, her half-lidded eyes pulsing with color, sitting stock and still on her haunches besides the teacher's desk, upon which sat Ocellus. Ocellus was looking a little larger than usual; Hearts and Hooves Day was around the corner, and Dash knew that Ocellus tended to put on a bit of weight this time of year. However, this seemed a little more than just excessive love being in the air. Her belly was round and plush, and her normally-thin thighs had filled out. What was most striking, though, were three distinct glowing spots on her belly, inside of which were the cutie marks of Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity. Dash's wide eyes turned upwards to view Ocellus's mouth hanging wide open, showing off her glowing, plush insides. Her exotic biology was more snakelike than anything, and her bright bioluminescence made her throat look like a magnificent work of art. Though silent, Ocellus's eyes looked upon Dash eagerly and excitedly, almost as if she was waiting in great anticipation.
 Dash gulped and approached the pair, taking a seat at a desk in the front row.
 "Are you feeling alright, Twilight?" Dash said with some concern. Her gaze kept shifting between Twilight's face, Ocellus's cutie marked belly, and Ocellus's maw.
 "I feel...wonderful, Dash...thank you for asking..." Twilight continued. "I wanted to talk to you...about the grade you gave Ocellus...for P.E..."
 "Huh? Grade?" Dash asked with some confusion. "Didn't I give her a high mark? An A-?"
 "Yes...why...she feels it is unfair..." Twilight replied in her distant tone.
 Dash's eyebrow rose. Why would anycreature complain about that? "Oh, well, she does great, but I...uh...think that she could be a bit braver when trying new activities...Twilight, are you sure you're fine? Your eyes look a lot more colorful than usual..."
 "I'm asking the questions...Rainbow Dash..." Twilight said flatly.
 In her mind, Twilight was entirely lucid and attentive. She heard herself speak clearly and with punctuality, and the magics in her mind twisted Dash's confused and worried face to one that was pouty and grumbling. Thanks to Ocellus's 'suggestions', Dash's replies sounded rude and combative, just like the others had been. She didn't know why her friends so suddenly started to act like grumpy little foals, but as principal, she had to put the education and well-being of her students before her personal feelings, especially found such a talented, wise, intelligent, and beautiful one like Ocellus.
 The young changeling giggled softly. Twilight was such a good hypnosis subject~
 "I'll ask again, Rainbow, why did you give Ocellus such an awful grade?" Twilight asked...or rather, what she asked in her 'adjusted' interpretation of reality.
 "Because I don't like her! Changelings have a weird smell, and she's just too good at academics! It makes me jealous," the Rainbow Dash of Twilight's vision replied before sticking her tongue out and crossing her forelegs.
 Twilight growled. "Fine, if you're going to be obstinate like this, then you leave me now choice, I'm going to have to take administrative action!"
 Back in reality, Dash felt herself rise into the air as Twilight's telekinesis gripped her. A purple aura of magical force held her aloft as Dash flailed around helplessly. Her heart pounded as Dash noticed Ocellus open her maw even wider as her eyes glimmered with anticipation. Rainbow knew that she wasn't the brightest among her friends, but even she could see what was going to happen.
 "W-wait, what? Uhhh, Twilight, maybe don't?" Rainbow Dash stammered. Twilight just had that same dumb smile on her face, not even reacting to what she was saying, as if Dash's voice were going in one ear and out the other. "Twilight, you listening to me?"
 Twilight sighed as her mesmerized mind interpreted Dash's mewling as a string of swears and an accusation of incompetence. First personal bias, now foul language and disrespect in front of the students? Twilight had reached her limit. "THAT'S IT! You're going into the time-out hole with the other girls!"
 Twilight brought Dash over to the time-out hole in the aquamarine colored wall, containing Dash's struggling with a powerful mental field. It was a good thing that Ocellus had suggested its construction, because who could have known that her friends would have gotten so ornery so quickly? Twilight wasn't sure what had caused it, but if they wanted to act like foals, then she was going to treat them like foals and put them in a time-out inside the time-out hole until they calmed down!
 Back in reality, Rainbow Dash yelped as she was launched forward into Ocellus's awaiting maw. She didn't even have time to say anything before she was sucked into the changeling's hungry throat. A well-timed gulp created a vacuum that pulled Dash's head inside before she was gripped with wet, pulsating flesh. Dash tried to flap, but the throat held firm, and Twilight's magic even firmer. She struggled and thrashed, but gained no ground.
 "Twilight? You're seriously feeding me to Ocellus!?" Dash whimpered from within her fleshy vice, but her voice was unlikely to penetrate Ocellus's thick throat, and even less likely to penetrate Twilight's enchanted mind. Dash yelped as a massive gulp echoed around her. The sound was deafening, and a wave of nigh-unbearable pressure rolled up her body as she was pulled even deeper into the cavernous abyss. She felt her spine pop from the pressure, relieving a kink that she had ever since she crashed into that windmill a few weeks ago. "Jeez...why did that feel kinda good?"
 Dash continued to thrash as Ocellus asserted her dominance by devouring her prismatic prey relentlessly. Ocellus had been eyeing Dash for quite some time, and she tasted just as wonderful as Ocellus imagined. Her body was salty, her fur flavorful from her athletics. There was an old changeling saying: sweat was a way for ponies to season themselves, and Ocellus couldn't agree more. Still, Dash's trashing was wearing her out, especially since she was still tired from Applejack's devouring just a few hours ago. That mare had also been a fighter; Ocellus had been tempted to just hypnotize her into submission, but there was a certain satisfaction in simply overpowering prey and forcing them into the place they truly belonged. Ocellus gulped again, sucking Dash's midsection in and pinning her wings to her sides. With those out of the way, it was completely over, and Ocellus could take some time to savor her prey. Her long, wispy tongue slipped out and flicked up against Dash's underbelly, tasting her as well as tickling her as her tongue danced from Dash's belly to her sides to her flanks and back.
 "Hey! St-Stop that! It...ha ha...tickles!" Dash squealed, bucking the air weakly. Even though Twilight might be under a spell and a solid buck would probably wake her up, she still didn't want to seriously hurt her friend. She knew Twilight *and* Ocellus, and she desperately didn't want to believe that they had just condemned her and her friends on a whim. It was a strange feeling, but one that Dash had little time to contemplate before hunger got the better of Ocellus and she finished Dash of with a series of quick swallows. Thanks to the light from Ocellus's insides, Dash could see everything in vivid detail. She saw a tight sphincter grow ever closer until her face was smushed against it, soaking her face in a lurid kiss before it opened with enough force to suck her in and make her splash into the tall puddle of fluid inside the stomach. Dash was fully submerged, and began to drown until Ocellus's esophagus forced the rest of Dash inside the stomach, forcing her into a position that left her head just barely above the fluid's surface.
 Dash wiped the liquid from her face, sputtering for air. The stomach was completely cramped, and despite Ocellus's 'additions', there was little volume for Dash to get comfortable. She pressed outwards with her hooves, trying to fight back against the walls of thick flesh that had become her sarcophagus.
 "Twilight! Let me out! I'm sorry, I'll give Ocellus an A! An A+ even! Please!" Dash begged as loud as she could, but all that could be heard on the outside was just incoherent muffled noise.
 "That'll learn ya," Twilight muttered as she hugged Ocellus's belly. Seeing Dash's form struggle and squirm, knowing that she'd soon meet the fate of three other elements of harmony, was able to break through Twilight's trance and bring her back to the waking world. Yet, despite being able to see reality for what it was, Twilight was still under Ocellus's spell. It was like she had woken from a dream, true, but dreams are born of the subconscious, and Twilight was no different. As her mind awoke, her thoughts were less of concern and how to rescue Dash from a gurgly fate, but more of how happy she was that Ocellus had showed her how much she loved all of this. The thrill that ran down her spine whenever she saw Ocellus gulp down a friend...the goosebumps she got as she heard the gurgling and sloshing of her digesting friends...these had remained dormant in Twilight ever since she was a little filly, and Ocellus's magic simply made her realize that it was okay to indulge in these feels. She knew that, deep down, she could break free of Ocellus's spell whenever she wanted to, but it just felt *sooo goooooood* to submit to her power and let the colorful rings in her mind guide her however Ocellus pleased.
 Twilight kissed Ocellus's belly and began to rub Dash's struggling form. Ocellus brought a hoof down and began to stroke Twilight's mane.
 "Good job, Twilight," Ocellus cooed, licking her lips to get one last taste of Rainbow Dash's excellent flavor. "I'm certain that Professor Rainbow Dash will be a lot more reasonable after a time out. I'm so glad that you trusted me to help you express the true you."
 "Thank you...Ms. Ocellus..." Twilight said as she playfully pushed the imprints of Dash's hooves and face back into Ocellus's beautiful bug chub. She nuzzled Ocellus's belly, giving it the occasional kiss and...when her heart skipped a beat, little licks too~
 "You're welcome. Let me show my thanks," Ocellus replied with a confident smirk. Her horn glowed with green light, and a small disk of light appeared in front of Twilight's face. It pulsed with enchanting light, commanding Twilight's focus, and the purple mare was all too happy to let its mesmerizing power wash over her mind and lull her back into her waking dream, where anything was possible with Ms. Ocellus's guidance~
 On the inside of the stomach, Dash was finally starting to calm down. She was worn out from her fruitless struggling, and the heavy fumes of the stomach were starting to get to her. It wasn't oppressive; quite the contrary, Ocellus's stomach smelled like a mix of pineapple juice and roses. It was very fragrant and easy to breathe, but something in it was making Dash feel calm and lethargic. Without her thrashing, the fluid was calm and still, and Dash could finally see that it was an opaque orange, with strands of yellow that looked like strings of melted taffy.
 "A...Applejack?" Dash groaned, bringing a hoof dripping with what remained of her friend before her very eyes. Applejack had completely melted into nothing, not even bones remained, the only evidence of her existence being the cutie mark on Ocellus's belly. Dash knew she should be horrified, yet she just...couldn't. Despite her morbid future, Dash couldn't help but feel a strange sense of stillness and ease. Something about being in Ocellus's stomach felt so...*right*. Why did it feel so right? Maybe it was the stomach walls massaging her weary body, or perhaps the sublime beauty of Ocellus's bright flesh illuminating every inch of the stomach. Perhaps it was the dull rhythm of Ocellus's beating heart and the sound of ichor running through her veins that made Dash feel relaxed. She could feel a light tickling sensation all across her submerged body; Dash knew what she was feeling was the sensation of being digested. Yet, the more she thought about it, the better it began to feel. It was like her whole body was being kissed by a million little mouths, and this pleasure gradually seeped deep through her skin to reach her nervous system. Dash began to shudder as the sensation traveled through her extremities, up her spine, and to her brain, where it wracked her with wave after wave of euphoria. Dash's breathing began to grow heavy and unsteady as she threw her head back into the stomach wall with a plop, and her eyes rolled up in her head. Whatever this changeling stomach fluid was doing to her, it was quickly overwhelming her with pleasure. She had never felt anything like this in her entire life, and she began to think that maybe getting digested wasn't so bad. She could feel her body melting into the greater liquid, still able to feel each and every sensation as she softened. She could feel herself literally mixing with Applejack, or, well, what remained. Dash weakly giggled. She had always crushed on Applejack, but never in her life did she think that this would be how they'd be united. It was almost poetic, melting into her lover, the two becoming one in the purest sense. Together in predation...Dash even wondered if she'd even want to be brought back if this was her ultimate fate. As her mane dripped down over her face, Dash fully submitted, her begging and mewling now a chorus of moans as she enjoyed melting into bliss to its fullest~
 Moans...then gurgles...then, silence~
 Gallus waved a talon in front of his principal's face, to no response. "...So, you really *did* cast a spell on her?"
 "Yep! Counselor Starlight said that Principal Twilight was easy to hypnotize, but I wasn't expecting her to have such a weak will," Ocellus replied, her wings buzzing in excitement. By now, Dash and what was left of Applejack had been completely absorbed, leaving the changeling thinner than before, but still very plump, and proudly sporting four distinct cutie marks on her belly.
 "So, what, you're telling me that you can just flash some colors in front of a pony and they'll do whatever you say?" Smolder said, crossing her arms.
 "Well, not exactly," Ocellus began, "Changeling-style hypnosis is powerful, but it's not an instant mind control spell like Fiducia Compelus. It requires patience to guide a semi-willing mind towards the correct paths of thinking through reinforcement and conditioning, that or requires them to be extremely weak-willed."
 Smolder simply rolled her eyes, before she recoiled as a disk of light materialized in front of her.
 "Here, Smolder, let me show you how it works," Ocellus said as she willed the disk to pulse with mesmerizing light. Her concentration was interrupted when she felt a talon lightly pet her belly. Ocellus turned to Silverstream who seemed transfixed on her paunch, though she kept the mesmerizing lightshow up to show Smolder what she was talking about.
 "Wow, that's so cool!" Silverstream exclaimed as she was enraptured by her insectoid friend's new figure. "Our professors look *so* great on you, Ocellus!"
 "Aww, thanks," Ocellus replied with a blush, giggling as she felt Sandbar extend a hoof to touch her belly.
 "Yeah, but I'm curious, where's Professor Pinkie Pie?" Sandbar asked.
 "Oh, well, I have a 100 in her class, so I figured that I'd spare her. But...if she ever gets tempted enough to feed herself to me, I won't deny her."
 "And you said that Principal Twilight is off limits, just in case...are you going to stop eating ponies, then?" Sandbar wondered.
 His musing was interrupted as he felt a wet, slimy tongue wind around his throat, gently tugging him towards Ocellus's yawning mouth. "Not a chance, Sandbar. In fact, I'm still a little hungry. Why don't you slip inside right now? I'll take good care of your soul, I promise~"
 Sandbar smiled and blushed as Ocellus pulled him towards her. His head had slipped inside her mouth before he tugged back. Ocellus debated just swallowing him anyway, but, as a good friend, she released him from her hold.
 "I'm flattered, Ocellus, but if anycreature's gonna eat me, it's gonna be Yona," Sandbar said.
 "Aww, Yona want eat Sandbar too," Yona said, bringing Sandbar into a tight hug. "Yak stomachs very rough though, we practice for it first."
 "Fair enough," Ocellus said with a shrug.
 "Well, do you want to go somewhere where you can work off all those calories? I got a frisbee we can toss around in the park," Gallus interjected.
 "Actually, I'm too busy for that," Ocellus replied, much to the surprise of her friends.
 "Busy, with what? You ate like half the faculty, Ocellus!" Gallus interjected.
 "Precisely, which is why I helped Twilight choose to give me a teaching position. It's Professor Ocellus from now on," Ocellus said with a giggle.
 "You, teach!? Oooh, what's your class going to be?" Silverstream asked excitedly.
 "Changeling biology, with an emphasis on the digestive system! Don't worry, it's easy to ace. Every time the class meets, I'll eat a volunteer and use them as a teaching aid. Volunteers get 100 points of extra credit," Ocellus said with a confident wobble of her belly.
 Gallus was silent, and did some quick math with his talons. "Uh, Ocellus, the class would meet 24 more times before the end of the semester...and our class has 22 students...including us."
 "Yeah, and?" Ocellus asked with a hint of genuine confusion.
 ", whatever," Gallus said. Escaping becoming bug chub was a problem for Future Gallus.
 "Now, if you'll excuse me, I should get ready. First class meets tomorrow at 9:00 AM in Room 88. See you all for breakfast!" Ocellus said.
 "See you, Professor Ocellus," the group replied in unison, all breaking off and leaving Twilight standing stock and still in a deep trance for anycreature to discover.
 Ocellus trotted halfway down the hall when she heard the tapping of claws on tile behind her. She turned to see Smolder standing there, her eyes filled with pulsing hypnotic rings, in a slouched posture with her arms at her sides. Ocellus sighed. She did warn Smolder that hypnosis would completely dominate the mind of somecreature with extremely weak will.
 "See...Professor...Ocellus...breakfast..." Smolder muttered in her deep trance.
 Ocellus smiled and licked her lips. Well, perhaps she could give Smolder advance credit for the class~
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Time Out! (Story) By Mightyshockwave -- Report

Rainbow Dash is summoned by Twilight to have a meeting about a grade she gave Ocellus. However, things look a little suspicious when Dash sees that Twilight is deep in a hypnotic trance, and sitting at a hungry changeling's beck and call. Hijinks ensue.

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