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So I need a new laptop... Posted 4 years ago I started a gofund me! Please, help me out, or at least share it around! ... ken-laptop
Raffle on FA! Posted 7 years ago
Anyone here on FA? Check out this lovely, lovely raffle! ... d:39493285
Preds and Prey Alike! (Character list) #3 Posted 7 years ago
Grace (Female) (Pred or Prey)

Grace is a slender Gardevoir with rather wide hips and thighs. Her breasts are her most striking feature, each the size of basketballs. She stands at 6'3", and weighs 180 pounds. She adores unbirth, as the pred and the prey, and usually does it out of the kindness of her heart. She's a kind and caring girl, helping anyone, as long as they aren't bad or mean. She does like to be naughty, ready to remove her dress on a whim. She loves putting people's heads between her breasts, and is careful not to smother them.

Alkia (Female) (Mostly Pred)

Alkia is a large Anthro wolf, having grey fur and yellow eyes. She stands at 6'8". She has broad shoulders, and large breasts to go with. She has a wide build, but not from...
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*gasp* NEW CHARACTERS? #2 Posted 7 years ago
Amy (both, but mainly prey)

Amy is a Raichu who loves filling preds up. She had difficulty at first, so she fattened herself up, now an irresistible treat for predators everywhere. Rarely wears any clothes, due to being a Pokémon.

No pics for an Appearence quite yet. :/
Characters! (If I do more blogs like this, this is #1) Posted 8 years ago
I decided to put some characters on my blog to make things easier.

Miles (Prey)
Miles is a Caucasian, 5'6" human. He has medium length blonde hair, and hazel eyes. He wears Black, square rimmed glasses. His standard outfit is an orange t-shirt with grey sweatpants.

Appearances in pics: Prey in this:
Alice (Pred or Prey)
Alice is a 6'8" Anthro Latias. She has a regular Latias head, not a humanized one. Her breasts are size HH (;3). She's chubby, but not ridiculously fat. She has 3 outfits, each removes a later of clothing. Outfit one is a White Tanktop and black yoga pants. The second outfit is a black bra and black panties. The third is nude. (;3)

Appearances in pics: Pred...
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