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Pivix Posted 2 months ago
Hello everyone I know a lot of you have favorited the recent SFM pitch I posted with my toad and another friend's character unfortunately due to regulations I had to delete it but I'm going to move it on to my pixiv Account and most likely also my Fur affinity account. Actually most likely a lot of my SFM stuff will probably be going on there now including some animated commissions. These places are also where I post my Gary's mod stuff as well which I will be getting back into because I haven't done this stuff in a while. And perhaps also my Twitter account as well so check one of those 3 if you want to
New discord account Posted 3 months ago
OK everyone after some careful consideration I decided I'm going to probably be staying on the temporary account permanently. I thought about it and I don't even know if I'm I'm gonna be getting this account back cause discord still hasn't replied back to me after 11 messages. So even if I do get the other one back I'm probably going to either disable it or delete it. So I'm gonna be taking off the tag for my old one and putting on the new 1 on my account
God damn it Posted 3 months ago
OK so a friend of mine had confirmed it I really was hacked. I straight up don't even know how I was hacked.... Well the good news is when I sent out the thing for discord I put it in as a hacked account since it didn't have a thing for 2 factor. So if I start sending messages don't listen to any of them I will post another blog when I get the account back
Another temporary account Posted 3 months ago
Hello everyone I decided to make another temporary discord sense discord says recent news the news after I sent out my blog about the 2 factor. I've been told by a friend that I had messaged him at 3 Am i don't remember doing it and personally this actually really just could be my paranoia Kicking in I already sent something else to discord hopefully they can get this fixed I put it in as a hacked account issue Since I don't know what's going on and I don't want to take any chances. But to any of my friends who have discord discord for my account if I start messaging you please let me know so that way it can finally verify that somehow that account got hacked which I'm not sure how and it got hacked after I Set up 2 factor. It might explain why 2 factor isn't working. I'm posting the tag...
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I'm stupid Posted 3 months ago
OK so this is what happened last night I found out that my alternate account had been hacked somehow somehow and despite the fact that I fixed it I decided to delete it well I realized that I actually don't have 2 factor authentication on the one I was using. So I installed the Google authentification app and then Promptly fell asleep. I guess before I could actually you know get the whole thing set up so when I wake up in the morning I have been logged out and I've been logged out and now I can't access my Google account because for some reason it's not accepting the codes or the QR codes I'm scanning. So now I am currently waiting on discord to fix it. If it takes them too long I'm going to open up another discord account which I regret deleting that other one now. Hopefully if I'm lucky...
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Potential impostor Posted 5 months ago
Everyone I have recently found out from someone who I talk to occasionally that someone might be impersoning my discord. They potentially have the same profile picture As my own but let me assure you this is my discord ID
Check this impostor's tag to see if it's the same as mine if it isn't then you definitely know what's them. I just found out that another friend of mine is having the same problem Here check out their blog
Discord returned. Posted 5 months ago
Hey I wanted to let You will know that my discord has been returned the hacker is gone
Hopefully temporary new discord Posted 5 months ago
OK everyone I have come up with a temporary solution I made a temporary or at least I'm hoping it's a temporary discord. Until either mind gets fixed or until I've come to the realization that discord isn't going to fix it.
DinoInkling#7993 That's my new discord tag to come find me
Discord hacked Posted 5 months ago
I'm so flipping stupid my discord got hacked by a friend and then I fell for the same trick. I'm waiting for it to get cleared up but to everyone everyone do not answer it until I send a blog out about it that it's OK
A raffle commin Posted 9 months ago
Hello Everyone the lovely  Umiriko is doing a raffle so come check out