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Upcoming Vore Day Announcement! Posted 4 months ago
Hello all my snacks and preds!

This upcoming vore day I'm planning to celebrate by contributing up to eight stories to the community! I've been working hard to prepare and along these stories would most likely be my August price sheet! All in all these vore day may be the biggest one I've involved myself in yet!

So far four are prepared and ready to go!

Lion King Commission with hyena pred
Beastars Story with Louis Pred
Zootopia Story with Gideon Grey Pred
Elder Scrolls Story with Khajit Pred

I hope everyone is excited for the release as I am! There will be more coming, and not all may be posted on FA or DA due to some strict rules, so make sure you're following my Eka! All my pages and my discord will be listed...
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Anyone actually know the thumbnail size on here? Posted 5 months ago
I've been trying for ages and I just can't seem to get it right. I swear thumbnails are the most dull thing to work on ever but without them it's kinda hard to tell what each story is at a glance.
Anyone noticed a lack of something? Posted 7 months ago
I'm just throwing this out there as I wanted to try something new, but I don't really get time to browse the wider vore/macro/paw community.

Has anyone noticed a lack of a particular theme in the community, someone mentioned to me once there was a lack of military prey and it got me thinking, anyone think the communities need more of something?

Just thinking when I work on non-commission stuff I wanna do something that the faction of the community that doesn't have much content can get some more for themselves X3
Open for commissions again Posted 1 year ago
For now I'll only be doing a one at a time type service so feel free to get in touch for a quote and to reserve a spot in the queue. I'm open for almost any kind of story but for now I'm reserving myself to discussions only and working everything out myself. <3

If you are interested please contact my Discord or message me wherever you feel happy to!

Discord: Ali'ster_Wilde#1752
So I got Twitter. Posted 2 years ago
If you want to follow me there I'll probably post the occasional comment about what I'm doing.

Also it's a cute little way to interact with me if any of you want to. X3
New Commission Update coming soon! Posted 2 years ago
On the 15th of this month I'm gonna reshuffle my commission prices and make a few changes here and there. If your interested in getting a story done for yourself keep an eye out.

All current commissions will still be honoured of course and these changes will formally come into effect once the post is uploaded.
New ideas! Let me know what you think! Posted 2 years ago
So as some are aware I have a whole range of stuff I work on (and fall behind) as of late I've been focused on my work in terms of sorting my gallery out and planning plenty of stuff to work on over time.

Here's what I have currently:
The Skyrim Vore series: 5/15 parts done: Plenty of varied content with more predators and a thrilling final battle
Voreish Disney World: 3 Parts planned: Decided it would be fun to take parts of Disney world and turn them sinister!
A 4 Part series Involving some feral lion OCs of mine taking a human boy and toying with him.
A POV vore scene involving Kharjo in a Rancor's den style situation.
A Naughty bear themed Vore story where Naughty becomes macro and arrives at Daddle's party
2 kung fu panda macro growth...
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