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#WOMB-MATES progress!!! Posted 1 year ago
I just posted a big post updating you all where i am where the comic OwO' sorry the long wait. I got into a 6 month relationship and is now single yet again. oh bother >w<' anyway! go look at the upload im sure it'll please you!
More active? Posted 1 year ago
Hey ya'll ;w;' so news... I got myself a partner. And i have spent a lot of time drawing with him and ding stuff with him. so i havent posted a whole bunch! but i just bombed you here today >w<' I'll get better at uploading, he might be helping me with the #wombmate comic aswell in the near future ;w; so stay tuned!

If you wish to help me create more stuff it allways helps with a like or a comment! >w< if you want to see the stuff as soon it made feel free to follow me on FA:
#WOMB-MATES is getting a remake. Posted 1 year ago
I'm doing a complete remake of the comic, making it look way better with more pannels and with a plan of it to keep going.
Help me sketch! Posted 2 years ago
If you could ask anything of me? what would you like to see me draw?