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Muppets Posted 9 months ago
Patreon? Posted 1 year ago
So, I'm planning to do a Patreon, would you all care about it?
Would just be about seeing sketches I have and upcoming pieces plus server.

What y'all think?
Uploading Twitter Sketches Posted 2 years ago
As I got a handful of sketches of Reagan Ridley from Inside Job alone with others, I'm going to see if I can post a pic per day within this month. A lot of you explained it'd be better to have them here and other sites just so they won't get lost within the posts. I prefer to take my time then spam it all at once. I will link the post where they were posted but I'll try to make them brief. Will be uploaded anytime of the day like if consistent it'd be around 5-6pm but likely it'll be inconsistent. Either way hope you all will enjoy these more looser pieces of work.~
Twitter Posted 2 years ago
Should've informed you all about this like a month ago but I've been mostly uploading my doodles on Twitter mainly because it is more convenient and easier to post since I have some online classes to deal with.
"Does that mean I'm abandoning my other accounts?" No, I am not!
I just rather make it whatever on another platform. Either way if you all want those messier sketches and even colored doodles posted here too then I'll probably do that once I'm done with class. Until then...

Here's my Twitter!
Sidenote: I've been drawing a lot of Reagan Ridley from Inside Job so hope you won't be bothered by that~
Scratte Collab with BarsFromMars Posted 2 years ago
Recently me and BarsFromMars have done a collab, we both worked on what is the next part of the Scratte Saga
I did the sketch while Bars did the painting and it looks absolutely amazing!
They even wrote a story that connects all the previous pieces to it

Go check it out along with their work
Upcoming commission uploads Posted 2 years ago
Throughout this week I'm going to upload a couple of comms I've done since Feb. These comms were a test run with most friends, I'll probably do more in the future but for now I want set out with pieces of my own interest until I do a real run.
Hope you all don't mind seeing these