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Hi a poll / question about sexy girls with no bellies! Posted 6 months ago
I had been doing a lot of "sexy drawings" of my own OCs, but not a lot of "belly drawings"

You want me to also submit here sexy drawings or not?

BTW... this poll thing si really bugged!
I have a Patreon now! (this is what you can find) Posted 1 year ago
Now I have a Patreon!
Where you can support me, so I can continue drawing and showing you more stuff!

My Patreon

My Patreon is more for only having a small income for me, so you can support me

I'm not gonna make it a place where you can only be there if you became a Patreon and pay (at least for now) first I need to get better in my drawings
And maybe in 1 year or 2 I'll change it... (maybe... or maybe not!)

What you'll find in my Patreon?

All my drawings before submiting them in DeviantArt and Eka's Portal!
All type of...
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Got to my DA page and ask a question?! Posted 1 year ago
I have 6 OCs!
There's something you wanna know about them?!

I want to do a dynamic for all of you!
Leave a comment below asking them something about them...

Leave a comment in this DA image:
https://www.deviantart.com/allissei/art ... -759648292

If your comment/qustion is smart or a good one... I'll make the girl answer it for you in a drawing!!!!

So be creative and leave as much comments as you want!

Here it is again the link! An please try not to only ask questions to "Carmesi"
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Hey! You wanna know more of my OCs?! Posted 1 year ago
Do you want to know more about my OCs?

Then purpose your idea here...

All my girls have a lot of time living in the world, and they took and did all types of crazy stuff!!!

Give an idea about how you want to see my girls! Like a JOB or a hobby

"Celemi" (is my new girl), maybe she worked as a teacher! And she vored her bad/dumb students! :-D
Or maybe "Emerald" was a spy, and used to take carry the villians in her stomach... but somethimes they don't survived the trip 8O

Let me know...
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Hey you like pregnant bellies? Posted 1 year ago
Hi! you like pregnant bellies?

If you like them... then should I draw a pregnant girl? :o

If you say yes... then... give ideas... ideas for a pregnant girl, form an ANIME or a VIDEOGAME... or my OC :)

The ideas must be possible, a little girl with less than 12 years, can't and shouldn't be pregnant
If your idea is from a videogame... It must be from a famous Videogame
If your idea is...
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New question! (Red riding hood story?) Posted 1 year ago

I'm slowly drawing the winner of the question I made before... It was random... and I decided to make some small changes to the idea... because I can

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY! I have a question for all of you!

Would you like to see a vore story for this girl?:

Leave a comment of your opinion and an idea of what you would like to see in the story
Hey everybody! Answer the question! Posted 1 year ago
Hi everyone! most of you understand the dinamic/request, but are you sure you only have one option?...

go and give 1 more at least... some of you only gave one option! (3 is the maximum)


And remember is only oral vore, food/water stuffing or pregnancy.
The story doesn't have to make that much sense, but you need to at least make it believable...

And only ANIME, not videogames in ANIME style
Let's make a small dinamic/request... Posted 1 year ago
I'm gonna draw a FanArt! But only from ANIME (this Time)

Tell me 1 or 3 different characters or circunstances for a big belly
And this is important:
Tell me why she got that big belly, give me a good excuse/story... (and also what type of belly)
Example: "Asuna from the SAO anime got a weird bug in the ALO videogame... So she get's a pregnant belly"
(Write a story that could really happend)

Leave a comment!!! and I'll choose a random winner in the weekend
HEY GUYS! Another question! Posted 1 year ago
HI!!! What you like more? OC or FanArt?

Tell me which girls from Videogames, Anime, Comics, whatever, you would like the most to see with a big belly?!!!... (and also what type of belly)

Leave a comment!!! and you can tell me many characters... (and also why you choose her?)
A questions for all of you Posted 1 year ago
What are the things you like the most in my drawings?... or What you would like to see more?

Just click on the title