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Nightmare night extras Posted 3 years ago

I’ve made a few versions of the NMN pic as a «thank you» for all supporters.

Original picture:
Birthday incoming Posted 4 years ago
Just a little notice, if someone had plans to do something for my birthday, it's coming 5th june.

Working on Ember sequence.
Next patreon piece? Posted 4 years ago

More policeShy? I love her, and looks like you, guys, too, so I though, continuation would be nice.

As you can see, before you'll get pusnished, you should check her papers and make sure that she's real police pone.

Is this good enough? Maybe you got anything to suggest?

Original patreon post:
Pred voting Posted 4 years ago
I guess, ponies win!

Now need to decide about pred!

Moondancer won!
Possible animation Posted 4 years ago
I was thinking about new animations.

Should I try digestion animation as I did before , but with EQG? Or pony again?

Vote here, on Eka, or here
Pack released Posted 5 years ago

Here is our ponies! Grab them all. ... ring-you-a
Announcement Posted 5 years ago
Vore pack comes soon!
A bit of Fluttervore Posted 5 years ago
Optica made a fine sequence and I was helping him in it. I hope, you'll like it! ... utterwitch
Comissions open Posted 5 years ago
I have some free time till end of the week, so I could do some comissions, if someone interested. Just PM me if you want.
Well, I think, 3 slots is enough.
1. Reserved
2. Done
3. Reserved
Patreon Posted 5 years ago
Welp, here we go!