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News u might like ! Posted 6 years ago
Hi there!
Sooo its been a while since i uploaded artwork and Here is the reason: Learner ( Here you can find more awesome stuff !!! ) and i are writing and drawing together on a comlex and lovely vore-story of my new eight-legged monster ( )
The Story has some Special sidekicks and differs from your all day vore-Story! You will get to know soon enough!
We are Planning to make weekly updates--- One picture and the Fitting Part of the story to it!
Since learner is an absolutly wonderfull writer everything written is very detailed and...
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Planning YCH need your Opinion! Posted 6 years ago
Just Wanted to Inform that im Planning to do an YCH series with dragons (swallowing and digestion (non gore))

If you read this and think this sounds interesting consider to post your Opinion below! ;)

Since ive Never done an YCH before i do have some Things to think about... Would it be better to Set up prey-slots only (i would pick one of my Dragons to be the pred) or give away pred- and prey-slots? Gender and species dont make a difference to me

But first i will try out a Single picture to See if anyone is Interested at all ^^"
Picture is comming soon!

UPDATE: here is the picture. ...
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Commissions Open :3 Posted 6 years ago
*sneeks here and wants to See what happens*

Since i dont believe im getting the needed attention D:

Ah lets give it a try!
Heya dear watchers friends and vore fans!
You thought about getting your dream, idea or roleplay drawn? Great! Cause I need something to draw and thats where you have the chance to grab a commission spot right away. :gulp:
Prices and terms can be found here:
If you need help or have some questions, feel free to write me ...
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Commissions Posted 6 years ago
Ok its about time i guess
Im Bad at demanding something and its rlly Not easy for me to go this far but the ugly Truth is : i will be closing my requests and Open up Commissions! I will keep the pricing low since i know for some its hard to effort such stuff.
I need the Money and im Not doing this of greed but i cant draw for free anymore. I have to admit my Art is Not like Black friday Sales and Not that good as others but it would be nice to get some Support... (Not finished requests will be free and done soon). Pls give me a Feedback since its a hard decision...

For now have a Great New Year !
Tennis elbow Posted 7 years ago
I know i should draw something but my right arm (right handed) is kinda unusable right now i have a tennis elbow and i dont want to get it worse its hurtig like hell. Thats what i get for Helping a friend move xD
I Hope i can Continue drawing stuff soon ^^;
Have a nice Weekend
Back in Action Posted 7 years ago
so finally. for those who still remember me, im back with more art and improven drawings.
i know ekas is not that what it used to be anymore many artists moved on or deleted their work here or worse...

so i want suggestions what u like to see the most? vore scenes should include what? whats your favorite shot or impression?
inspire me and i will try to make drawings out of your ideas and wishes.
for now have a nice day


3 years of doing nothing here Posted 9 years ago
i'm really sorry. i didnt reply to posts and i never finished my work... probably nobody knows me no more. if i dissappointed someone because of that im really sorry for those who know me ive improved and will upload my work again.