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Taking Commissions due to Cut Shifts (Closed) Posted 5 months ago
Edit: With the virus I'm happy to postpone payment, with so many jobs having to cut employees I understand money is becoming very important. If you need your money for supplies, there's no rush in paying- Take care of yourself first! Lets get through this!

I've gone from getting a minimum of 10 hours a week ($210AUD minimum) to only a 4 hour shift. Pulling in less than $100AUD a week due to things entirely out of my control.

Do you want some art? Do you want to help me afford my bills? LET'S HELP EACH OTHER OUT!
-Commission Sheet-
Please not I'm not currently offering detailed backgrounds due to time constraints. Simple, cute gradient sort of things are no additional cost.

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Christmas and Heat Posted 7 months ago
Hope everyone's having a good holiday season! Goes without saying that it's time for plenty of roasts.

That being said also giving a heads up about delays between uploads- Just been busy getting what shifts I can with Christmas along with dealing with the heat. Anyone in Australia knows exactly what I'm talking about- The fire have been... Bad. Thankfully I'm in a low-risk area, but it should give you an idea of what the weather is like here and why it's 'lie in the bed without any electronics on and weep' weather. Those days have been fairly sparse but oh boy is January looking terrifying.

It's another 40C+ (108F apparently) in the morning/today, so while I've got most lines of Day #13 it's not going to be able to be completed today due to weather. So we're till...
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Also, Streaming with Piczel Posted 7 months ago
Sorry for the mass blog entries as well.

Just a heads up I'm trying to do streaming when I'm off work and I'm home/not exhausted from work.
Come by and watch random junk with me while I work on things. No mic, just things like Kids Horror Shows, B-Rate Movies, Tales From The Crypt, Gordon Ramsay...

Come Hang Out Sometime, or just follow for when I randomly appear.

Quality might go up and down due to bandwidth usage in my house going way up when my niece stays over. Which would be right now, even though it's 4am. Sure you understand.
Some Future Plans Posted 7 months ago
Thought I would share this (and keep track myself). They will not be actively worked on until everything else is complete, with th exception of a short one that was half completed around Halloween.
I’m also hoping to upload oneshots to Gromets Plaza.
A lot of things here reflect more of my breeding and tf kinks. Cooking vore never gone though, just prominent in longer chapter based stories. So if you’re one of those crazy people that read my works, fear not!

All very blunt and to the point. Actually kinda laugh at these not gonna lie-
Stars to rate my interest in getting them done; As well as making things look fancy.

Oneshot Idea:

★★☆☆☆ The Knight's Homestead
"CrossDressing female knight moves to...
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Absence Posted 8 months ago
It is I, your slightly less stressed out ram.
Thank you to those that have been either patient in waiting for me, or cared to begin with.
I’ll try to do the TL;DR version.

At the end of last year some shit started going down. Things nosedived from there. I started drawing back from everything, and when I wanted to reach out I became terrified of what people would think about my delay and isolated myself further. That went on a circle for some time, and even writing right now is difficult, though a thank you to the people that have welcomed me back warmly. With what I’m dealing with, it’s been immensely helpful...

Things have gotten to the point where I did something I said I would never do: I started seeing someone for help. I’m seeing a counsellor...
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Signal Boosting Posted 1 year ago
An artist I admire, Blue ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/bluepencilpony ), unfortunately lost her father earlier this month. Along with the pain of losing a loved one she is also trying pay for the funeral and medical bills that are left behind. Through her community, $375 has been raised of the $7,500 goal. Money from Family and friends has raised roughly $1,650.
There is still a huge, huge gap to go.

She's willing to reimburse people for their donation with some art, and you can find the details here:

The GoFundMe...
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Cookvember Delay Posted 1 year ago
Sorry about falling behind and not updating for the last few days - I actually was sick, and couldn't even get up to go to work. I'm feeling significantly better now, so I'm jumping back into things - we're running a little late, but all the days will be completed :D Thanks for baring with me, and thanks for all the favourites and new watchers!
Volunteers for CookVember Posted 1 year ago
If you have a character you'd like to see cooked up through November, you should check out my post on the Artist Valley!


My own way to counter not being able to juggle Goretober and my insane work schedule, the latter of which should hopefully be fixed by November. Or before I have to start filing complaints. Frustrating story. Anyway, you'll be able to find more details as well as my 30 day list on my post :)

Also, a friendly reminder that I'm using Piczel more to stream, and should be streaming the November images! Maybe in...
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Ideally, what would you like an update on? Posted 1 year ago
Things are finally shifting to a stage of a bit more manageable, which is fantastic. That being said I feel a bit more comfortable asking for some feedback in a way again- once I have what's left and overdue finally done (Which sits now at two story requests, one for SaintHeartWing and Ginga respectively and an art commission for Slimshod).

When all's said and done I'll most likely concentrate on my stories being updated, since even in my absense they were on my mind (To be honest I'm glad I had that long to think on them, there's been a lot of developments and changes)

So the decisive question is:
Oven Fodder or Divine Beast Cafe?

I'll work on both eventually but I'd like to know if either one is more in a demand. OF's gone under...
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Piczel Posted 1 year ago
Hoping having a stream will help motivate me, so here you all go :)
Shame streaming writing doesn't seem feasible, but here's for commissions and such.