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Heyo! Miss me? Posted 5 years ago
Just to let ya know I'm still here and I plan to post more often here, I kinda forgot about this place. Fa and tumblr has been my outlet to post alot of vore art hehe.

I've got alot to post! So look forward to that! :D
Doing a YCH (CV & MACRO) Posted 6 years ago
So if you like that stuff and wanna scarf down some unlucky people with your. Umm. Thing. Then why don't ya come on down and take a look! :D
HEXAGONS EVERYWHERE Posted 6 years ago

Caught me off guard x3 Looks pretty cool. I just hope it's a April Fools prank :3
Livestreamin' Right Now Posted 6 years ago

Stop on by!
Another Spyro Livestream! Posted 6 years ago
The second part to the previous Spyro drawing :3! Come stop by!
Livestream Tonight! Posted 6 years ago
My first public stream is tonight! Drew up a sketch just for the stream :P

A sketch of my version of spyro nomming a gem thief ;) The stream is either going to be around 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. Central Time (US & Canada) I'll let everyone know when I'm starting at 9 or if I start around 10. Hoping 9.

Stop on by! (When I start of course x3)
Commissions? Games? Here's some info! Posted 7 years ago
With no bank account, I really can't do commissions with money. BUT. With the power of steam, I can do commissions :D! Also, thanks to oceanotter for commissioning me for a pic in return for Half-Life 2. (I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO PLAY THAT GAME!)

Here's what I drew for him:

Now, if you don't want to commission me and just want a request, I can do that too. But, it'll be shaded sketches. :3

Fully drawn, colored, shaded, line-art and the whole shabangy! For one 10$ game or more! STEAM ART. If you wanna call it that.

Check out my...
[ Continued ... ]
To those with requests... Posted 7 years ago
With a lot of good things happening in the past few weeks that have really impacted my family's financial problems, I've been neglecting to upload these finished requests. I now have a new scanner as well, so I'll be uploading those in a few days at the least. (Hang in there guys!)

Also.... I'm getting a art tablet as well! ^-^

After that, I'll start up a PayPal and get commissions going. :D So, look forward to that!
Why can't I draw hands? Posted 7 years ago
How is it, I can draw genitals perfectly, but when I draw hands, they come out like they've been trying to catch flying hammers all day. Arrgh... :?

Just random ramblings of my smut drawing, move along....
Requests? Posted 7 years ago
I'm willing to do drawings for freeee... with ink and colorrrr....

I don't know what to draw and I'm in a state of boredom you cannot possibly fathom. Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook. YouTube for christsakes!! They aren't doing zip for me. Ehhh.

Soooo. With that in mind....

Gimme whatcha got! :)