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Vore Audios Posted 8 months ago
I'm thinking of making some videos related to some drawings that I like, adding sounds of digestion, belching and maybe other things x) And I will not forget to add the name of the respective artist
A little break Posted 9 months ago
I want to take some time in relation to the vore, since I have done several drawings both my DA page and here and I haven't really wanted to draw vore content related to The Loud House series, and I'm going to do some trades art with some artists, I hope you don't mind that I'm going to share many of my waifu Acerola's drawings here xD I'm not going to retire from vore for a couple of weeks yet, but I want to finish some trades I'm doing with other people, I hope you understand ^^ I love vore but sometimes I like to put it aside and feel calm and relaxed xD