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Are comics on demand. By any chance? Posted 11 days ago
I'm wondering if there would be anyone around interested in comic panel comms. Still no idea how much a page usually costs tho so i would thank ya'll if any of you happened to know how they usually cost
Hey guys! Posted 1 month ago
Guess who just found NTR futa story on 4chan. Read it fully and fucking regretted it?!
Pic dump Posted 1 month ago
Sorry for taking long here is what i've been working on C YOU BOIIIS(and chicks too, i know yur there)
Sorry for not updating anything today Posted 1 month ago
I was busy with irl stuff helping my old man which took my entire day sadly. I just got back.

Now i'm working on a comm that you guys might see the end result of today.

Tomorrow i'll also do a comm but i will definitely work on another request too!
To everyone who has requested me for art. Posted 2 months ago
I started to read a book that i'm finding not terrible, been working on my writting and found a couple new decent YT channels so i'm only doing friends' requests, commissions and drawing i'm in the mood of doing.

To anyone i accepted a request from i apologise but here this is how the hierarchy works.

As soon as i can: Comms

Do when i'm not working on comm and feeling kinda bored: Friends' requests and what i want to do(including non-art stuff)

Do whenever i feel like it and even more bored: Requests

That is how i classify things(might sound kinds rude but do know i still have you two on note juat taking my sweet time :p), i'll also be closing requests on my comm tab util i finish the two i have accepted. Which may take a...
[ Continued ... ]
What are you guy's opinion regarding girls who already look like they can eat someone even before swallowing them Posted 2 months ago
As long as they're thick looking and not looking morbdly obese that is some top tier stuff.
I may have to slow down on seeing vore. Posted 2 months ago
I swear i have seen so much of this recently that whenever i hear/read the word "Meal" i give people weird looks