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1st Year anniversary. Posted 3 months ago
It's been a while folks, but we finally got here. The 1st year of my career as a vore artist and still going, after 79 pieces, maybe more considering the non-vore things i do for my friends and such, im still improving each day. It wasn't easy either, considering my poor health, Drawing has helped me remain focused and gain back a much needed respite from my daily routine. Ever since i dropped out of college i didn't expect nothing else good to happen to me anymore, yet, here i am, surrounded by friends, a new passion for me to go with, and a solid understanding and happiness of bringing content for you all. I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you all supporting me and giving me a hand in these complicated times, im still young and naive, i have made my mistakes, but as they say: You learn...
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A couple of important announcements. Posted 5 months ago
First off: Commissions are gonna be closed for the forceeable future, if you have noticed earlier today, i posted quite the big paid art piece that took me a while to get through, add to that i have been working on another 15 or so commissions in these last months. i felt the need to get myself a break from the paid stuff, which admittedly was slowly starting to trickle away of quality in these last pieces. Don't worry, you can expect the commissions to go up in a span of two weeks to a few months, depending on how much i wanna work.

Which brings me to the second point: Less Slots, higher prices.
I noticed that hoarding too many comms at once made me felt a little rushed out, even if i wasn't at all, call phycological pressure but im gonna go back down to 5 Slots for...
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Good Day, Commissions are Open! Posted 7 months ago
Same prices as always:

10$ for lineart
12$ for flat colors
22$ for Shading.

2-5$ for background details (optional)

Extra characters in Scene (non-vored) 5$ each with a max of 4. (For vore, you only pay 5$ once if you like non x-ray.)
For multi-panels, each panel costs 3$ with a max of 6 each.
Question. Posted 8 months ago
Discord server yay or nay? comment below, if you think it would be a good idea!
Comms Opening soon. (And 100 Watchers!) Posted 10 months ago
Title says it all! For this period i will be accepting commissions during the period of december and january. If you are interested in buying some slots, hit me up in discord.

I also have to comment i will be slightly raising my prices, as i feel i have decently improved to justify this. New prices are below.

Lineart - 10$
Colored - 12$
Shading (basic) - 22$

The other prices remain the same.


As a side note, i would like to thank everyone that has so far favourited, followed and has given me feedback, i know 100 is not a lot of people but for me it means a lot. (Also shoutout to AbsoluteVL for making me aware you can actually see how many people watch you) and to Mr.bob the cat for being my...
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Comms Closed! Posted 11 months ago
Hey folks, thanks to everyone who went around to get some art from me, it has been a great pleasure to work for you all and im looking forward to next time! however, it is time for me to take a break from commissions and go back into the cave and practice more. as you might have noticed in many of my artworks, i still mess up quite a lot of things such as lightning, and some anatomy, and i want to provide as much quality i can muster to you all before hand.

So, probably until the Christmas weeks, i will be taking time off to properly learn a more adequate style, and get to something more "Me".
Anyways, i hope everyone has a good November, and good luck on whatever you may be doing in life!

An idea. Posted 1 year ago
I was wondering, should i go ahead and post some of my non-vore stuff here on eka? There is a few pieces of work that i have been getting on lately that i don't present here just because it isn't vore. That also explains why there is large gaps between posting periods sometimes if anyone was wondering.

Also, talking about vore...
Anyone iterested in seing Geishin Impact Vore?

Im considering

-Fem. Main char.
-Paimon. (Yes, as predator)

Feel free to leave some other suggestions too. Also, commisions are sill open if anyone is interested.
Comissions Posted 1 year ago
Hey folks, i recently opened my commissions, here is a quick rundown:

-Base, that means 1 char and no BG-

-Sketch: 8$
-Flat colors: 12$
-Shading: 20$

For more information, check my commissions status, or DM me on Discord for more info!
Im always on discord unless i am asleep, if so, i´ll get to you as fast as i can.

Discord: Frostム#5456
Happy vore day. Posted 1 year ago
Hey folks, hopefully everyone is having a good time during this day. It wasn't until last week that someone mentioned this existed,lol. I recently uploaded a colored work to the Vore folter if you are interested in checking it out.

Second if all, seeing that i already have gotten used to certain things like the community, i feel like it would be a good time to invest myself more into the art, so from now i hope that i get to improve faster, though im flaking a little with the basics.

So far things to worry about:

-do full works more often.
-grow confidence in lineart.
-learn the basics and use moee shapes to build bodies.
-learn how to do bellies that arent just balloons.
-get better at perspective.

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So. Posted 1 year ago
Im back from the break, not fully but at least i got the mindset to draw vore again.
picture coming up soon, stay tuned.