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It's my birthday Posted 2 months ago

I do not feel like I have become much wiser, but I do feel a bit content over being able to make a narrative ending to Evil Overlord since last year.

Positive thoughts are welcome.
Rollcall Posted 2 months ago
I need a:

It's for a little project I'm working on.

So if you got a character that fits any of these "types", post a ref in the comments.
Twitter Posted 3 months ago
I felt that my original twitter got bloated from bad decisions.
So now I'm branching out to the important bits.
CYOA Posted 6 months ago
Join the link here for my discord.
EvilOverlord version 1.00 Posted 7 months ago
Discord link:

Version 1.00
I fixed a lot of bugs.
They're posted in this thread.
Forum link:

I'm planning two expansions.
One is called Rebellion.
"Former allies of the Overlord, they went into hiding when he fell. They have a hate towards humans and may or not fight against Heir depending on their choices."
I have some ideas here, but if you want to pitch in, it'd be cool.

Second expansion:
A kingdom newly formed rarely stays safe. Like vultures to a corpse, kingdoms outside out of the...
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Rodents and vore Posted 7 months ago
I do an art challenge every month.
This month it is rodent.

I also draw Bright getting eaten.

I don't have a specific idea for this challenge yet, but feel free to throw a character/scenario at me. I might just pick it.
Feedback raffle Posted 9 months ago
Check the arts I've posted the last year.
Tell me which one you like the best and why.

I'll pick a person who gets a request.
Birthday! Posted 1 year ago
Personal new highscore for rounds around the sun.

Always fun to have it right after voreday :)
Uploading some old commissions Posted 1 year ago
So I'm going through my stuff and old files.
Uploading some art I've commissioned over the years so I got it in place.
If there's a problem with that, contact me.
Update of Evil Overlord 0.9 Posted 1 year ago
"Welcome to the world of EvilOverlord, where monsters are your allies and humans are your enemies. Grab the action by the throat as Heir, as you venture out from your castle in a quest for revenge against the humans that killed your father. Gather your monster allies and siege the human cities after which you will be able to decide the fate of those you defeat in battle. Will you spare the humans, or feed them to your legions of hungry minions? Explore a world filled with interesting characters, funny quests and dangerous locations.

Added a new chapter.
Added a new party member to choose from in the beginning of the game.
Switched out a good deal of music.
Cleaned out some bugs.
Introduced new bugs.
Got Journal System to work.
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