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Story previews Posted 1 year ago
Hi folks!

I'm taking a bit more time with future stories, letting them sit for a little bit so I can come back to them fresh and see where things need to be improved. New dialogue added, new depraved actions performed, parts the don't work cut etc. I thought it might be fun to share the previews though, to get any feedback or suggestions so I can tweak them a bit.

Each of these stories will be marked in the header with 3 states:

  • Prototype draft: this is just me scribbling down the initial rough version. There will be tons of typos, the flow and pace of the writing will be a mess as I change my mind on where I'm going midway through a paragraph. The story is likely still unfinished and has more scenes to write. Feedback would...

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Story previews Posted 1 year ago
With my newer stories, I'm trying to spread them out over a little more time so I can reread them and touch them up. Correcting errors, improving the flow, finding new depraved ways to treat prey etc. So they'll be in the drafting stage for at least a few days.

An idea I'm toying around with is making those drafts public, perhaps with a google docs link so fans can check the latest draft and contact me with feedback/suggestions. Would anyone be interested in something like that?
Future stories 2 Posted 1 year ago
An updated list of stories currently being considered as of May 15th.

- ISwallowOrgies Livestream sequel : Chloe takes the livestream show on the move as she wanders around campus with Isabel and Sophia still inside of her. She stops to ask each tiny she meets something unheard by the camera, and if they agree, she pops them into the endoscope box she's carrying. 5 girls and 1 boy return with her in the box to her dorm, where she starts her record breaking attempt to see just how much she can actually swallow down. One lucky tiny man gets to enjoy joining the orgy in her belly.

- Elly & Amy's part 4 : As Amy continues to slowly digest inside of Elly, Elly is visited by Amy's tiny friends who demand to know...
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Future stories Posted 1 year ago
This is an updated list of the story ideas I'm currently mulling. If anyone has any suggestions/proposals/preferences, please feel free to get in touch <3

- ISwallowThings Livestream sequel: Isabel becomes a willing participant in future sessions where Chloe swallows things on stream. She brings a tiny friend along to spice things up as they explore the many holes Chloe has to offer.

- Elly & Amy's series part 4: I don't think I'm done with this pair yet, I really love them both. Amy really triggers my submission instincts. For their next story, I was thinking Elly might be visited by a few of Amy's tiny friends. She'd feign sadness over Amy's unexplained "disappearance" while Amy is digesting alive within her stomach. But a revealing stomach...
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