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Taking a breack this month Posted 6 months ago
Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm going to be taking a break for some time, not sure how much but at least it's going to be just for this month so don't worry, I will be back soon. Why? Because I'm lazy, that all lol, I will still be checking some stuff, but I won't upload anything significative. See ya!
No taking commissions for a while, sorry. Posted 1 year ago
I have some problems with my paypal since I can't link it to my bank account (I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that I'm from México) and I don't want to keep working on commissions until I can secure that I can receive the payments (there's a law here in México that complicated things a lot, here we can't keep the money on the paypal account, it must be linked to a bank account which I don't have, I have been trying some but none of them seems to work, if anyone from México knows what to do it would really help a lot) in any case, that's basically why I won't be taking commissions until I can fix it, and if I can't find a solution I might end up not taking commissions anymore (which is unlikely, I will probably seek for an alternative)

So yeah, I will...
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COMMISSION OPEN! + Commission status/info updated Posted 1 year ago
So yeah, I will try to notify here when my commissions are open from now, here are the prices:

And for more detailed info here's my commission status:

I will make another post when the commissions are closed, everybody seems to do that xd
Little hiatus during November Posted 1 year ago
Hey, as you probably have noticed I was uploading daily which is great... But most of it was old art, and it takes me a lot of time to make all those drawings, I'm working on some stuff that I have in line for the last month but I couldn't work on It because I was busy with other projects rewarding the Halloween season. I might still post some stuff on my Deviantart page random stuff not related to actual drawings (or really basic ones) but for now I will be gone until December probably (which probably will also be short in content because aside from Christmas it's the month of my birthday, yay).
But do not worry, a lot of the stuff I will be working on are actually vore pics or vore related (I mean, that's the hole point on being part of this page xd) these where all the news I...
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