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A little message to all my friends and followers Posted 1 year ago
It's been some time since I have been active here, and I guess it's about time to let people know I am not dead, and the reasoning for my absence. Those closest to me already know, but for everyone else who's wondered where I poofed to - My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of years back. It was an uphill battle from the start due to a pretty late diagnosis, but he went through radiation, Chemo, the whole nine yards. For a while, it was in remission, and there was hope it had been beaten.

That change about a month and a half to two months ago. It came back with a vengence, tripled in size, and spread into two of his ribs. There was nothing more they could do, and dad was just...really tired of it all? So he opted to just live out the rest of his life, take pain...
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Kiriban drawing done! The winners are.....!!!!! Posted 1 year ago
First off, I apologize for how long it took me to get around to this! IRL issues sort of prevented me for a tiny bit, and...afterwards, the mood was *REALLY* not there!

BUT!!! I just held the drawing! Turns out, I am an idiot when it comes to using the dice function in chat! In the end, though, the two winners were chosen!

Winner #1 - #22!! Congrats to Darkarri for winning the first slot!

Winner #2 - #12!! Congrats to Hijii for winning the second slot!

Again, thank you all for your patience, and I will be holding yet another one of these once we get close to the 5,555,555 mark! Hopefully with me being a little quicker on the draw with it! x3 I kinda have an idea for something super special planned ( a short comic!) as a...
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Woops! Kiriban drawing! Posted 2 years ago
I came down with a little bug and ended up missing the night I was supposed to do the drawing! SO! I am having the drawing tomorrow night! As of now, the Kiriban is closed, and I will announce the winners soon! ^_^ Best of luck to everyone who entered! <3
Holy heckbeans, we've hit 4,444,444!! Posted 2 years ago
To all of you who joined in the kiriban (and those still wanting to join), 4,444,444 has been hit! ^_^ I was going to give only a week after the number, but given it's been less than a day since I put it up, I'm going to extend that slightly!

On the 20th of this month, I will be holding the drawing, and on the 21st I will announce the winners! If you have not joined yet, check out the 4,444,444 kiriban post in my gallery and get on it! You have until the 20th at 11:59 CST, and I will not take anyone else past that time!

The response has been great, and really it's nice to be able to give back in some small amount to the community and hold neat little raffles like this for freebie arts and stuffs! You're all appreciated, and I look forwards to plenty more things in...
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Merry Christmas! (If a bit early!) Posted 2 years ago
As I won't be around until after Christmas, just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! ^_^ I had a little fun upload planned, but really can't find the time to write it with all the holiday stuff happening, so will see about doing it once the holidays are all said and done!

Either way, Merry Christmas to all of you, and have a wonderful new year! <3
Happy Thanksgiving! Posted 2 years ago
Well, since I sure won't be around on Turkey day, I wanted to get this out there before hand!


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! ^_^
Wooo! Nomtober and stuffs! Posted 2 years ago
First off, thanks to ALL of you who left such kind responses on my last blog! ^_^ I adore every single one of you, and it's absolutely wonderful to see how many get well wishes! :)

Second....thanks for all the comments on the various stuff I've posted, and all the PMs! ^_^ Hopefully ,I'll get around to answering every single one of them in the near future!

I noticed on my last blog post that my Kiriban was mentioned, and you're absolutely right...I totally skipped it! D: Wasn't here to do it! SO! To fix that, my 4,444,444 view kiriban is going to have TWO winners, and will either be something done with BOTH characters, or each getting an individual bit of art! ^_^ I might open up...
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The return of the fox! Posted 3 years ago
Hey there everyone! Know it's been a pretty long time, and I've been out of touch with most, but that should be coming to an end soon!

More or less, I've been having some pretty serious medical issues that have largely kept me from really WANTING to do much of anything, and generally coming to Eka's was about the last thing on my 'to do' list. Other times, I was pretty much bedridden, and just...well, couldn't! However, that all seems to be coming to a close soon enough! I'm just now reaching what I'm hoping is the 'recovery period', no more meds making me feel goofy, and hopefully the doctor visits are at an end as well! So, hopefully within the next 2ish weeks (hopefully less, but being realistic) I'll get back to catching up on all the things I know I'm behind on! Have...
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The Night before Christmas! Posted 3 years ago
T'was the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
The fox had already eaten the mouse
It was a tale of woe, it was a tale of despair
The family was away on vacation, leaving poor Ryla's tummy quite bare

It was cold outside, so she snuggled down in a bed
while visions of a full belly danced in her head
Alas it was late, and there was no more to eat
Tomorrow she'd make do with the family's leftover lunchmeat

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter!
Ryla jump from the bed to see what was the matter!
Away to the window she flew in a flash!
Tore open the shutter and threw up the sash!

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the...
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You guys are awesome! <3 Posted 4 years ago
Hey there everyone! ^_^ Just wanted to take a little bit of time to thank everyone who's shown interested in AveryHillPeak's eating contest! As I mentioned, it's just going towards helping him alleviate some of the costs of his upcoming wedding!

So, really, thank everyone who gives it a peek, whether you offer anything or not! You've all helped so much already, and I really wish I could show my appreciation to every single one of you! A little blog about it hardly does it justice, but just know I appreciate you a ton!

While I'm on that note, thanks to everyone who leaves comments! Good, bad, or inbetween, it's always nice to see what people are thinking, or simply that they enjoy something! It's been a pleasure replying to each of you, and though I'm going to be...
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