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Huzzah! Posted 5 years ago
I got my drawing program and tablet to work on my new computer, so I can keep making art \o/!!!

... I mean, that's not why I haven't posted any new art in three months, but it's still cool P_P I promise I will keep trying to make stuff. I haven't stopped. I cannot be stopped.
A Random Inquiry For The Passing Blog Reader Posted 6 years ago
Who are your heroes? Do you have any? P_P

I don't \o/

I found that every hero I thought I had was just as flawed as me in the end. I will be my own hero.

... That's a bit awkward. I just remembered that I dreamt I was Superman in part of my dreams last night xD
TFW people fave and don't comment Posted 6 years ago
How inconsiderate! How flat! How rude! How unapprec-



There is fap at work.

Steady on, brave soldiers.
Art is fun Posted 6 years ago
I mean it.
Spirals Posted 7 years ago
Make more spirals.

To Whom It May Concern Posted 7 years ago
If you are reading this, you found me. Dick P_P
Subject: Subject: Subject: Subject: Subject:... Posted 7 years ago

That will be all o 3o

Committ4m4t42mt42tn4nt Posted 7 years ago
You know that commitment thing I made?

I suck.

The only part of it I've been able to commit to is making a drawing a day.

And I've already kinda fucked that up now, because instead of making a drawing today, I made two incomplete drawings I couldn't possibly finish before going to bed.

So I'm sorry I'm unreliable and unproductive, in advance for anything I will inevitably screw any of you with by not doing.
COMMITMENT Posted 7 years ago
This is the part where I shoot myself in the foot with a small metal bead filled with guilt and apprehension, for the sake of negatively incentivizing productivity.

Keep me on my toes, people P_q Hold me to this. Or look, and lurk. I know a million silent eyes are watching me, wordlessly. Plotting my undoing... but that's beside the point.

I have henceforth committed myself to making:
ONE PROGRAM FILE A DAY (preferably a .cpp file AND a header file of reasonable size)/FULL PROGRAM A WEEK

Generally small things, especially on the note of drawings. I plan to release one peculiarly-aligned grid of drawings just about every week, or close to that (I don't feel like...
[ Continued ... ]
Making Vore Less Sexy Posted 7 years ago
That's our commitment. Count on it sometimes. o 3o