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Bah Gawd updates! Posted 8 months ago
Whats this 6 whole pictures I've had laying around and for no reason besides lazyness haven't updated? Welp there will be more as well in future just got to get around to posting em but to all you watchers thanks for staying and faving and stuffs!

I know I said this in comments on pics too but if theres any females you might wanna see nommed feel free to leave them here I'll have a look see and work out if they match my super high standards :P
700+ Watcher update! Posted 4 years ago
Just a blog to say thanks to all the people that decided to watch me I know M/F isn't the most popular pairing in this site but didn't imagine I would hit anywhere near those numbers ^^

For now the Playing with your Food series is complete I'm waiting to get more pages of course but the artist has a loooooong waiting list and I'd like to hear from you my awesome watcher persons which girl/girls you would wanna see nommed up next ^^
Streaming Walking Dead Finale! Posted 5 years ago
Thats right folks streaming the last episode of series 2 of the TellTale walking Dead game there'll be heavy spoilers of course!

Update! Posted 5 years ago
Thought I'd let any watchers know that the 300k view came and went and I've received no messages or such about who got it so I'm open for suggestions for any other ideas you might have out there maybe suggest pic ideas and one could get chosen
Conn-test! Posted 5 years ago
Thats right I love puns :3

Now I hadn't noticed quite how many views my profile here has but I did notice its closei-ish to a big number thus I figured a lil fun is on order!

Whoever gets the 300k view on my profile will get their char featured in a commission I get!

Only thing to know would be obviously your char would either be prey or maybe a lil cameo or such depends on the pic itself

if I get more than 1 person gets the 300k screenshot then I'll a roll a dice in chatroom to decide between however many get it!
Conn Streams! Posted 6 years ago
Time for my yearly blog post and in February of all things!

After recently upgrading my homes broadband I'm delighted to announce I'm able to stream on Twitch now and will hopefully at least be a regular streamer on there if anyone wants to come watch http://www.twitch.tv/evafreak/ is me I do warn ya I have a pretty thick accent and probably not the best mic but meh I enjoy gaming and will try to remember and post a blog update when I do!
The art in my gallery Posted 6 years ago
Just a quick reminder to any and all that watch and fave my commissions that they are just that, my commissions. I didn't draw any of them so please dont pm me or ask me for a commission. If you liked a picture and would like to commission the artist yourself I'll be more than happy to share information to contact them or if you have ideas for a sequential pic or such you can feel free to post that too :P

Also still have 19 copies of DOTA2 to give away if you don't have a copy and have steam just drop me your email and I'll send you a free copy!
Any PC Gamers that want DOTA2 Posted 7 years ago
As I keep getting free copies emailed to me if anyone wants a copy either reply to this blog or pm me, the games free and like league of legends for those that don't know about it and I now have 14 copies to give away x.x
Happy Birthday to me! Posted 13 years ago
Well its the wuffies 24th birthday and hopefully I'm gonna enjoy it, just wanted to shout out to my friends and anyone that reads this sporadically updated blog too hope you enjoy this week as much as I will ^^
Conn's Naruto thoughts Part 2 Posted 13 years ago
Time for the monthly blog post I would update this more often but my memory sucks plus I'm constantly working 6 days a week and too burned out on Sunday to do much of anything but anyway ths shoulda been done ages ago but here it is my rankings of the male Konoha gennin which is in no particualr order.

Aburame Shino - Well what more can you say about this bug user that you cant work out yourself? Clearly by far one of the strongest amongst them is at the very least tied or perhaps even ahead of Kiba as far as tracking goes and by all rights can develop into a Jounin of real quality.

Akimichi Chouji - Is really unfairly in my opinion tarred as just the fat weak one when he's capable of being someone who could k.o. anyone. Sure if he trained more...
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