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Stone Ocean (JoJo Pt. 6) Confirmation! Posted 1 month ago
Late on this cause I had quite the busy day today although such a day was certainly uplifted by this news! I'm just so ecstatic that we're getting more, and especially of the lovely Jolyne and company! Really hoping this fuels more art for the series, especially of course some hungry prisoners as these gals always need more love! I can't handle the excitement, it's going to be grand!
Finally caught up on My Hero's manga (SPOILERS) Posted 3 months ago
Goodness gracious now that I've finally seen what Mirko can do I'm absolutely blown away, hah! There's really a ton of moments in the manga that I really don't think will hit as hard in anime form due to the anime toning things down in levels of blood, gore, and overall gruesomeness. Shigaraki's flashbacks really had me unsettled for example, made me feel sick!

I've been admittedly hyped for a long time to see the full extent of some panels I've seen of Mt. Lady kicking butt and I am not disappointed. So glad my gal's finally gotten some more time to shine and hoo boy Horikoshi really delivered. Beautiful seeing his artwork in its full glory and he can seriously display some intense motion right on the very pages!

Speaking of Horikoshi though, I'll also have...
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Favorite My Hero Academia girl? Posted 9 months ago
Survey for science.
Frost Vore Story by Veender added to pic description Posted 10 months ago
A lovely short story written by my friend  Veender has been added to the description of my recent MK11 Frost vore commission. Just wanted to let everyone know as the story deserves some appreciation and attention.

Feel free to check it out here underneath the pic:
Gonna close requests! Posted 2 years ago
Seems like everyone got their licks in and admittedly a majority of the ideas are so splendid that I can't really just choose two. Been debating how I should approach this and realized that I'll attempt to tackle all the requests in the end. Of course story lengths are going to vary based on how much I enjoy the idea, or how much I'm familiar with the source material but I can assure ya I'll get to yours in due time!

Half the reason I've been submitting stories recently is for practice to get myself into the groove again before tackling all of your ideas. So be on the lookout for either your request being submitted, or me messaging you and asking for your contact information, definitely through Discord if possible. And in case people are curious as to what was submitted...
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Opening Two Request Slots for Stories! Posted 2 years ago
Hey all, just putting there here to let my followers know that I'm opening two request slots for stories. The slots won't be first come first serve, rather I'll choose two of my favorite ideas from whatever pool of ideas comes in. All the details can be found in "Commission Status" on my page, of my Wills/Won'ts along with my own preferences towards selection. Feel free to send in your ideas, using this as an opportunity for practice, and the length of said stories will depend on how invested I become with each idea that I select. Obviously I might be more biased towards one over the other.

Also since they're requests rather than commissions I don't expect to be rushed, as I do have college and work to worry about as well, so this will give me time to leisurely...
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