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Request Form Posted 3 days ago
I put a link in my discord for a request form. I'll go ahead and put it here just in case you dont feel like joining my discord. The rules for it are the characters have to be from anime, manga or anime games. Those are the only platforms I feel like writing about. You can put in as many as you want for better chance of them getting written. And of course since its only a request there is no guarantee it will happen
Discord Server Posted 5 days ago
I made a server so come join, put in requests and suggest other things. I don't know to much so go ahead and join
No More Comissions Posted 2 months ago
I've come to the conclusion that I dont really want to do coms anymore. I just dont really want to do them anymore and just post regular stuff. Art Trades are still fine with me but I'm no longer doing them
Upcoming Stuff Posted 6 months ago
Hello I just wanted to let everyone know all the stories that are coming. Do note many can be added, I will list a show or game that they are from and list every character getting a story

Monster Musume: Rachnera, Zombina, Tio, Manako and Dopple
A Certain Scientific Railgun: Misaka Mikoto
Interspecies Reviewers: Meidri
RE Zero: Emilia And Rem
Konosuba: Wiz, Darkness, Megumin, and Yun Yun
Actually I Am: Yuko Shirigami
Citrus: Mei Aihara
Magical Sempai: Sempai
Quintessential Quintuplets: Miku and Yotsuba
Full metal Alchemist: Izumi Curtis and Winry Rockbell
Highschool Of The Dead: Saya Takagi and Saeko Busujima
Love is War: Chicka Fujiwara and Kaguya Shinomya
Akame Ga Kill: Akame and Esdeath
Yuuna and...
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Commissions Open Now Posted 9 months ago
Hello this is Coolwoman and welcome to my page. I will now be taking commissions and art trades only. No more requests. I will go in depth here and in my commission status area

General Info: Regular vore story commissions will be $5.00 in the US this includes the type of vore which can be all except cock with anything you want in it so dont hold back.

For other things such as cock vore which can only be done with futas will be discussed. This is like I said cock vore futas, sex only stuff, hard vore, vampire things and basically anything that isn't core

For art trades those are simple which we trade art to each other

If you want to do any of these things or have questions just PM me and I will reply to help or get you what you need. ...
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