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Check Em Posted 13 days ago
My good friend has just started posting her on ekas! Their name is Prismrose and they write smutty stuff just like me! They are amazing and you should go check her content out!!!~♡♡♡♡

Commissions/Requests Posted 1 month ago
Since I've gotten a few done I'll be open to take some more commissions/requests!! So if you are looking for something from me just PM me!
Requests Closed For Now! Posted 2 months ago
Well with overwhelming results my story queue is full! Thank you to all the people who messaged and asked! I accepted quite a few so I'll be in solitary writing for some time lol! Probably will be awhile till I post again but i promise to have lots! ;)
Requests! Posted 2 months ago
Hello everyone just wanted to let you all know I still have plenty of spots for requests! Don't be shy I love reading ideas and then getting to write them! If you want something made just ask♡♡♡! UwU
Commission Future Posted 4 months ago
Hello everyone I'm making this because I'm shutting comms down. With paypal being taxed and stuff its just not worth it anymore. Everyone who has paid for coms already are obviously still getting theirs, some who haven't paid I'll have to cancel.

But I'm still going to take trades and I'll accept more requests especially if I like the idea. This is all I wanted to say if you have questions pm/discord/or just ask here! See ya!
Discord Name to Chat Posted 9 months ago
Hello everyone I very much enjoy chatting and interacting with people on this site but comments and PM messaging can be kind of a hassle so I just wanted to leave my discord user here and you can friend me and we can chat about anything especially vore and anime!

The user name is Coolwoman#8103
Commission Return Posted 11 months ago
I know haven't had any questions or posts but I'm happy to bring back commissions. This time around you can ask for anything you want no matter how weird or degenerate.

Pricing is $1.30 per 100 words and I'll just have you pay when I accept and I'll work on it as soon as I can!

Thank you to everyone reading my stuff I won't have any posts today sorry but please I hope you all continue to read. If you further questions ask here in the comments or PM me!
Question 10 Posted 11 months ago
Back from the little 2 day break thing and I'll start with a question today. Don't worry I'll have a couple stories posted today

But the question today is all about prey

What is your favourite type of person to see being eaten?

Mine will always be a girl either busty or a loli a female human looking prey beats out any others!
Question 9 Posted 1 year ago
Another one about preds I guess

Do you prefer a more outgoing pred or a shy one?

An outgoing one is always great but a good shy pred is hard to beat
Question 8 Posted 1 year ago
Todays is pretty similar to the last one with a bit more focus on anime

From these four groups of anime which would you like to see more vore stuff for?

A. Uzaki Chan, Komi Can't Communicate, Don't Bully Me Ms Nagatoro
B. Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack On Titan, Demon Slayer
C. Naruto, Bleach, Black Clover
D. The Quintessential Quintuplets, Kaguya Sama Love Is War, Bunny Girl Senpai

For me definitely D