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Comms Closed Posted 1 month ago
At the time being I need to cancel and take come down for sometime now. I have issues and less time now plus the lack of motivation is hitting hard sorry but they are closed at the moment.

I'll post the one story I have done and I might have a story once a week but not to often.
Upcoming Thursday Post Day Posted 1 month ago
Wasnt sure who I wanted to do till today. These 4 will be the next stories

My Hero Academia: Midnight
Highrise Invasion: Yuri Honjo
Horimiya: Hori
Resident Evil: Lady Dimitrescu
Thursday Post Day Posted 1 month ago
I'm now going to post only on Thursdays except for commissions. Those will come out when finished whenever they are done. But I'll have a weekly blog come out on Sunday's saying what stories to expect on Thursday. If there isnt a blog then there will be no posts on Thursday. This is the first one and here is all the things coming out.

SAO: Asuna Yuuki, Alice Zuberg
Myriad Of Phantom Colors: Reina
Star Wars: Cara Dune

There also might be a commission that day since its going to take me a few days to finish anyway. But that's everything look forward to you all reading them!
Commissions Back Posted 2 months ago
Alright commissions are officially back. Anyone who has pre registered for a spot will be added to the list. At the moment I have a third place and a sixth place spot open! Thank you for reading this blog and my stories it makes me happy that you all them!
Send Me Streamer Ideas Posted 2 months ago
Really enjoying writing about Streamers and e girls rn. But I'm not really a big streamer watcher so I don't know alot. If you want to see your favourite streamer or vtuber have a story pm something you would like to see and if I think the story is good I'll write it. Vtubers will also have a greater chance of being written as well!
Earlier then expected Posted 2 months ago
Everything I had to do ended up going super smooth and easy so I'm back now. But commissions are going to be stopped for a while but not forever. I will be working on one last commission for Steven Universe and that's it. If you want one done or have asked save the idea and keep until I open them again. I'll still do art trades and requests if I love the idea! Thanks for reading and understanding I appreciate you all!
Little "Break" Posted 3 months ago
Starting tomorrow I have family stuff that I have to deal with and it might drag on for about 2 weeks. So I will post a story tomorrow and that will be it for awhile. All writing will stop for a little bit until everything is figured out. I'm sorry for people with commissions it will take a bit longer to get those down. I haven't started any expect the 2nd part of the Steven Universe one. If you want pull it for now and wait till I get back just pm. Regular stories will stop as well. I will have an Uzaki Chan at one point since it's a finished one but that's it. Sorry about this I'll be back soon enough hopefully sooner rather then later.

I will still be on the site and I'll respond to PMS as soon as possible same with comments. Just no writing anything for a bit
Commission Return Posted 4 months ago
Felt like bringing comms back so they are back. Pricing will be the same with 1 dollar per 100 words.

Give me the plot and characters and I can get it done, name the fetish stuff you want make it somewhat detailed.

When done I'll send it to you and post if you want me too.

The only difference this time is I'll accept 5 at a time and when I finish those 5 I'll regularly update the commission slots on the commission status so watch out there! Comms are officially back so send em my way!
Request Form Posted 5 months ago
I put a link in my discord for a request form. I'll go ahead and put it here just in case you dont feel like joining my discord. The rules for it are the characters have to be from anime, manga or anime games. Those are the only platforms I feel like writing about. You can put in as many as you want for better chance of them getting written. And of course since its only a request there is no guarantee it will happen
Discord Server Posted 5 months ago
I made a server so come join, put in requests and suggest other things. I don't know to much so go ahead and join