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Coms Closed Posted 8 days ago
Due to a large list, coms are now closed until some of the queue has been cleared up. Hope y'all dont mind o7
Personal Project Comic (story) + Thanks for feedback (Lots of text) Posted 2 weeks ago
Hey y'all, working on a personal project for when coms die down + semi closing/limiting amount

How do you all feel about a island, made for those effected by blackmarket fantasias? Some turning into a cow, some into wolves, and who knows what else (Depening on what I can find)

The lore is..... here! (lore of what i made up "so far"


(Based off the “black market” fantasia concept)

Basic plot concept: TL/DR key points

There has been a minor influx of fake, black market fantasia's entering the market and pretty much identical to the real thing.

The source/provider of these fake fantasia's is still unknown, but...
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Poll on upload notifications Posted 2 weeks ago
Relating to my previous blog post, I have noticed recently some people are not getting upload notifications. Another bonus is on my side, I am unable to even see the comments on the blog unless I log out and browse that way.

If you have the time, made a poll, a simple yes/no/sometimes poll to see if my uploads are coming through. I am unsure why they are not for some.

Thanks all ^^
Lil update: Current situation, Got ideas?, Possible change in com pricing, possible com halting Posted 2 weeks ago
Hey y'all hope you are doing well, just a quick update. Nice and short, just the way I like it.

Current situation: I have alot of coms to work on, so, personal projects will be somewhat lacking. BUT, I might temp close coms soon, to allow me to clear up the list. Instead of offering delayed coms.

Got ideas: Got ideas? Things you want to see or see more of? Just leave a comment here, if its something ya dont wanna share, just toss a DM yet commented ones I can log better.

Thank yall for reading!
MCDF File Update Posted 1 month ago
Howdy y'all, relating to my previous blog post...

If you are still wanting to provide MCDF's, clothed, unclothed, be what it may, I can finally start taking them in. Whilst they wont be used on a frequent basis, they might show up here and there down the line.

If you want to provide some still, feel free to send me a PM, whilst limitations on eka's halts file size, you might need to make yourself a google drive, or some other form to send them through. Worst case, I do have a 2nd Discord account I sometimes log into, if you would prefer that, please let me know...

Remember, I am fine with some intense "no goes" with your MCDF, just let me know if you still decide to send things over.

Thanks y'all o/
Got yourself a MCDF file? Looking for more OC characters Posted 2 months ago
Howdy y'all, whilst I am currently working on coms, I will admit, I am somewhat lazy when it comes to making new looks for the images I post.

So, if you have mare, and are interested in adding your MC into the list of characters I can use... I am asking to see who is interested to provide their looks.

Now, this will require a clothed MCDF, and a nude MCDF

along with being ok with your MC being used for ANYTHING, or, you can have some limits, but it is to be used for a range of options, cooking, vore, feral vore, micro, anything.

So if you are not ok with that, that is understandable.

If you are wanting to toss in your OC MCDF into my collection of usable characters, please comment, along with limits (no matter how much) as I...
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Yet another poll (Com pricing) Posted 2 months ago
Hey y'all, doing some research on my pricing and everything else, so made a little poll to see what people value it as, you're free to add your own options (if i set it up right) This is just to allow me to get an updated view on the Com pricing structure.

Thanks in advance to all who partake in it.
Winner of previous Free Com Draw Posted 2 months ago
Hey y'all, thanks to all the people who went in to join the raffle, the winner this time around is...

: Tifastits: congrats on winning. Along with the last minute entry, the random name picker must shine upon you, enjoy the 1 year of low rolls in FFXIV though.

Thanks again y'all, and I might start pumping these free draws out more often. Love all the people who entered <3
Free Com slot open! (closed) Posted 3 months ago
Howdy all, Due to my more "serious" previous post, I want to make it up to those who follow me with another "Free Com" (basic edit)

Again, this is valid to a single image, more strict this time depending on the situation. All people who comment will be put into a random generator, one again, same rules before~

Comment that you want to enter the draw, along with "minor" information of the com you are looking for. There is not need to go into full detail, its just so I can follow my com limits per-say...

So things like "I want my char to be eaten by X" are perfectly fine. The more needed details can be discussed later :)

Again, thanks for all your support! Will leave the draw opening up for some time,...
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Little note on uploading elsewhere Posted 3 months ago
Hey all, nothing major, nor did I really want to make a blog post about this, but noticed someone uploaded one of my uploads onto the ol rule34, whilst I am happy people want to share things around, I, personally do not really want to have such things uploaded there if possible. Due to the r34 community being somewhat different to our own. Yes, I am aware people can hide tags, yet as we know not everyone does that. So, if possible for the future, can such things be avoided? And if whomever posted it sees this, please if you can, remove it, I have nothing against you and happy someone wants to share things, but this is just my personal preference.

Thanks all, sorry for the semi serious blog post ^^'