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Upcoming animation! Posted 1 month ago
Sorry for the lag of updates recently.
But Im trying to improve my skills!
I am cooking a macro/micro animation for y'all!Im sure you will love it!A certain pirate will get the spotlight in the upcoming animation
M/F? Posted 2 months ago
Should I draw M/F?
Im not sure and hesitant.
Is that something you would like to see?
Votepoll: Next Same Size Comic Posted 5 months ago
Use the link and vote for the comic you want!
Hiatus because of a traumatic event Posted 8 months ago
everyone a last announcement.
Something rlly terrible in my life.Its better if I take a hiatus from social media for a while now.
Just to have a moment and appreciate life,famjly and friends instead goin all crazy in random discord severs where no one cares about anything.
Its just that I am goin trough a loooooooooot rn.
And I just learned that When you play like a clown and have toooo much humor.People wikl treat you like a clown.So dont do that and respect urself etc.
(This is no prank Im feelin rlly mentally ill rn and wanted to explain to everyone who is wondering)

Once I recover from my traumatic event.I will be back
Commissions opening soon! Posted 10 months ago
I am about to open commissions soon and want to know if anybody would be interestes!
Let me know asap via pm or comments!
Inactivity for about 1 week Posted 1 year ago
Hey folks!

Just wanted to let ya knoe that Im not gone before my vore journey even started lol.

Im just on vacation and its not cool to draw vore when ur around family and stuff.

There are some nice projects still planned so be excited!

Meanwhile I rest a bit and refresh my creativity with Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Jojo pt5