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Test test test Posted 4 months ago
Kind of weird that the old blog system may or may not have been the cause of a number of technical issues around here... but hey, whatever works, right? At any rate, I just be doing... stuff. I am still alive, so.
Here Comes A New Vore Day! (8/8/2019) Posted 9 months ago
Which is also my birthday, weirdly enough. Here's to another year of lesbians going down on (and into) each other!
Did the report button move? Posted 1 year ago
I almost accidentally reported someone the other day, 'cause I meant to click on their username to get to their profile.
April Fail's Posted 1 year ago
I'm a little on the dumb side to come up with a clever joke or "fakepost" or whatever. Instead, here's some seal clubbing.

TFW You Miss Eka's Posted 1 year ago
Yeah, turns out I missed having Eka's being available more than I had originally thought.

...Probably 'cause I've had some weird horny desires, but that's what happens when one of your "abnormal" sex fetishes is girls ramming each other INTO each other.

I'd rant more about how there needs to be more willing, non-fatal F/F about, but last I checked, rules state that rants in blogs are discouraged, if not disallowed. Oh well.
So about my attendance... Posted 1 year ago
Still alive and kickin'. I imagine some of you out there are noticing that you're getting fave notifications from me for some piece or another.

The New Year is going well... y'know, frickin' Polar Vortex not withstanding. Stayed warm. But yeah, some of you will probably have noticed that I've pretty much gone AWOL from the on-site chatroom.

Well... the thing is, I've kinda had some... frustrations about it for some time now. Admittedly, there are some selfish reasons in there (as some anime characters would put it, I dunno why they're so content with stating that): Some people I've really, REALLY wanted to play with just... never seem to have the time, and I constantly find them fooling around with other users. Log-in hours tend to be incompatible as well,...
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Back To The Writing Board Posted 1 year ago
So! I've decided to do something about myself and get some more stories written! Well... more like, finish up shit that I started ages ago so I don't have a bunch of past relics hanging over my head.

Most notably, the story I'm working on right now is something loosely based on an early segment of  silentfate's "A Vore Dawn" with a(n even more lesbian) twist. And that's on top of comparatively more SFW thingamados I'm doing in other corners of the net. If you want to check that out, you kinda have to promise me that you don't mind mega-crossovers of inane proportions...
So The Gallery Just Underwent An Update Posted 1 year ago
As in, the entirety of Eka's. There goes... well, just one of my entries, anyway. That's alright, I've got the base copy of it, and I can totally see the need for the scouring.
Writer's Blocks Suck Something Fierce Posted 1 year ago
"That sounds really weird." -- Ohmwrecker

But in all seriousness, I just can't get into the right mood to start any new stories as of late, and it's pissing me off. It's like I tell myself to get something done specifically so I can shut myself up while I go play games or work on something else. Having a paying job doesn't exactly help matters, either, in a weird way. All-in-all, I'm sorry to those of you who want to see more writing stuff from me. I hope to get something up... eventually. But what pisses me off the most, I think, is having to lay out all the little details... I start thinking about how much work I have to do to make something relatable to a new audience, and I just turn myself off ._. I've established enough in some universes, I think, but...
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Hexagons??? Posted 2 years ago
April Fools' Day is weird, especially this year (2018). At any rate, have a good one, y'all. I have, like, no capacity OR inclination to pull any pranks.