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Doing my part to spread the word Posted 3 weeks ago
So  Angeltsunakappa is planning an event on November 11th, and November 12th,
We can celebrate by posting vore belly artwork of any of your favourite female anime character (or your OC in that matter). Spread the word and have a g'day! ^^
100k views? Posted 4 months ago
u has left me speechless
Character idea poll Posted 5 months ago
Since I'm not clever at choosing characters, so here's another poll! I'll draw the character whichever option you guys choose!

Here's the link:

Deadline: June - 28 - 5:00 CDT
Emma Cole alternate form poll Posted 5 months ago
So I'm drawing another Balan Wonderworld vore artwork and it features Emma Cole as pred, since she has different alternate skin colours I'm going to need help from you peeps!

Here's the link:
The deadline is June 24 at 6:00 PM CDT!
Hope to get your responses by then!
Requests Posted 5 months ago
Hey all, just wanted to say I might have to open requests in July because I'm still working on other's requests and my submissions. I hope you understand and I will try to get some requests done, adios!
Back from hiatus Posted 7 months ago
April 9th is the day where I went on a flight to my family's town for break, a few days later I got a message that I won't be going back to my boarding home until further notice. So I had to work with limited art supplies until my stuff from boarding home gets here, for the incomplete requests I'll sketch them then wait for my original art supplies to ink and colour. Anyways it's good to be drawing again!
Request drawings pending! Posted 8 months ago
8 out of 8 people that requested have sent me their PMs so I'll be done with the requests in a few days!