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Anyone looking for specific genres right now? Posted 8 months ago

Since it seems like the whole world is on fire right now,
Does any one have any specific genre requests? I make no
promise that I will for sure be able to do it, but I am looking to add
some positive back to the community if possible.

Stay safe lovelies <3
Back in the Game Posted 1 year ago

I am looking to get back into writing and drawing more after a long break (while working an awful job).

Likes, comments, and requests are great, I always love hearing from people!

Commissions and donations are the best, as I just got fired and am trying to get back on solid financial standings.

Thank you all!

~Decepi <3
Adding Writing and Art Going Forward Posted 2 years ago
Hey all you awesome people,

I just uploaded the first part of one of the literary vore series I wanted to start, based on one of my previous art pieces (Dark Vine Adventures).

I will also be taking writing commissions as well as art commissions going forward.

Please let me know if you'd like any commissions ;3 <3
No longer on DeviantArt. Posted 2 years ago
It’s been a while since I posted anything, lots going on. But I also just got a notice from Deviantart that a ton of my art was taken down.

In response to their turd-like attitude, I have deactivated my Deviant account and will solely be posting future works here.
New Comic in Progress: Vore Station Posted 2 years ago
I am currently working on a comic that has been an idea I've been kicking around for a while. It will be slow going, and always a back burner to any commissions I take, but it is setting the groundwork for some of the future OC art and stories I plan to create.

Anyone else interested in collaborating within the Vore Station universe, shoot me a PM ;3

Stay lovely!


Been busy irl Posted 2 years ago
Hey all, I didn't die, or anything. I have just been busy in my day-to-day life and haven't had much time to draw. Hopefully soon I can start getting some more art back up. I will also be working on some special projects that I will announce if/when I have the time to fully commit to them.

Thank you all who watch and fave my art, you are the awesomest <3
Future Direction Poll Posted 3 years ago

I hope to get some feedback on what you wonderful people would like to see going forward. I have some ideas of possible directions as I keep working on my artistic style, and strive to improve my drawing abilities, but I would also appreciate the feedback if you can spare a few clicks.

Stay Awesome,
I have returned! And new commission pricing! Posted 3 years ago
Greetings all of you wonderful people,

I have returned! I a, still battling a prolonged illness that has had me in and out of the hospital, but I am finally home now and working on more art.

I also have updated my commission pricing, commissions right now are greatly appreciated! If you would like something not listed, or really want a piece please don't hesitate to email me. I am flexible for the most part, and just need to get more commissions going to help pay bills.

Stay Awesome!

Dealing with prolonged illness, more art soon! Posted 3 years ago

Thank you to all my dear community members who have liked, favorited, and watched my page as I create more art and content.

As you all may have noticed, I recently have had a prolonged absence due to health issues. I apologize for the gap in new art, but have had a ton of doctors appointments trying to get to the cause of my medical issues. I will still be creating new art, so if you watch my page here or on DebiantArt you can still get my latest updates~they may just be spaced out more while I take care of these health issues.

Thank you again, everyone, your continued support is always appreciated (especially in this trying time) ^.^