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Commissions closed Posted 8 months ago
Since I've got a whopping ten commissions as of now, I'm going to close them until I can get most of them finished.

To anyone waiting for a story, I hope to get to you soon.

Until next time, enjoy the stuff I put out for ya.
Commissions are once again open, with a price change and a change in what I will and won't write Posted 10 months ago
So, I've managed to work through most of my commissions. I only have two stories left to finish, so it won't be long before I'm free for new commissions. I lost my job recently, so the time is right to reopen comms, I think. I've decided to bump my prices up a bit, we'll see if people are still interested in my work at this price. I've also decided to remove the limitation on furry stuff, I've actually been a lot more into it as of late. I still prefer fanfics over OCs, so characters like Coco Bandicoot or carmelita fox are a-okay in my book.

Shoot me a message if you have something you'd like to see me write!
Commissions closed for the time being Posted 1 year ago
I've decided to close commissions for the moment, simply because I have so many stories to write on the back burner. To anyone waiting for a story from me, my apologies for the wait, but hopefully I'll be able to focus and get those stories out for you. I'll be reopening commissions when I finish with the last one, so anyone looking for a story, please wait for me to catch up.

Thanks, and I hope everyone is having a nice new year.
*Update* Commissions prices changed Posted 3 years ago
Just saying the first thing ever on here to let you guys know that I've revised and finally settled on my commission prices. I feel I didn't get approached for proper commissions often due to the price being unlisted, so I'm looking to change that. If you have a click on the commission prices tab over there, you can have a look for yourself.

And yes, I am open at the moment, and looking to make some new and interesting works. Feel free to send me your ideas.

I'm also offering to make short stories for stand alone pics now, at a discounted price. I'm sure many of you have seen my own commissions like that, so I was curious if others would be interested?

Let me know in the comments what you think about the prices/doing stories for pics.