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Happy Vore Day! Posted 2 months ago
Happy 8/8 everyone, sorry I don't have anything to post today.
I was planning on finishing and posting a drawing of Sonia (from Pokemon Sword and Shield), then the power went out for around 60 hours and didn't come out until mid-day yesterday, so it's gonna be late.

I'll be on it soon~
Commissions CLOSED Posted 8 months ago
Commissions are officially closed, and I'll be getting in contact with everybody I've chosen shortly
Thank you to everybody that offered their patronage, and sorry to anyone I couldn't take for this batch, but there's always next time!
Commissions close this Saturday, February 15th! Posted 8 months ago
All 5 slots are up for grabs until that date, so don't forget to send your ideas before then if you want one!
Commissions extended! Posted 8 months ago
Some things came up with school, so I'm going to extend the commissions deadline to Saturday, the 15th this month.
Submit your ideas and/or questions via private message any time before then!
My New Year's resolution for artwork Posted 9 months ago
My New Year's resolution is to color and post all the more or less completed sketches I've been sitting on for 2-15 months (give or take)
HipHugger drew Draka! :3 Posted 11 months ago
The legendary HipHugger decided to include my perpetually expecting mama Draka in her latest upload, and I am in love with it ^^
Go check it out!
And check out the rest of HipHugger's gallery while you're at it, it's all gold :3
November-ween Posted 11 months ago
Halloween is my favorite time of year for artwork, and frankly I don't have any fun ideas for Thanksgiving that haven't been done a thousand times before, so I've decided instead that I'll be doing Halloween stuff all the way through November~

Maybe this will become an annual thing~
Gonna be off for a while Posted 1 year ago
I'm going to be out of state for a bit over a week, and I only found out last night that the house I'll be staying at has no internet...
And barely any cell service...

I'll still be working on drawing while I can, but I'm afraid I'll be pretty much silent until around the 20th.

Sorry everyone. I'll be sure to let you all know when I'm back to the 21st century~

Bye for now
COMMISSIONS CLOSED Posted 1 year ago
All slots have been filled and paid for! Thank you to everybody that offered to buy one, and if I had the time I'd take all of them~

The following are the scenarios I've chosen to do this time around:

  1. Pregnant Braixen for DirtyMac (Eka's Portal)
  2. Pregnant Nikki for Polarismissile (Deviantart)
  3. Mikan Tsumiki vore for imnotgoodwithnames (Eka's Portal)
  4. Serleena vore for Aaron1248 (Deviantart)
REMINDER: Coms selected June 5 Posted 1 year ago
Just a reminder; I start filling commission slots on the 5th of June, so if you're interested, be sure to message me before then.
Until the 5th, all 4 are open, and I'll be choosing them based on how much I like the idea.
Thank you so much ^^
See here for details