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New start. Posted 2 years ago

I'll be returning slowly to the page, after working out some issues irl and also virtually on the internet. Fnally can draw again, and I hope this time ill be luckier than 2017. xD
C'est la vie Posted 4 years ago
Well, this will be my last post here and it will be in SPANISH.

Bueno, en el último tiempo no me he sentido bien en lo absoluto, las crecientes deudas, mi familia torturándome cada día, frustración al no poder mejorar mi estilo de dibujo y además la terrible decepción con la que cada día debo cargar en las mañanas, al mirarme al espejo y entender que estudié en la unviersidad 6 años y medio para sólo ser una cifra más de la cesantía del país; ya no puedo seguir adelante con esto, por lo tanto, abandono todo. Dejo atrás todas las cosas, dejo el fandom, dejo el arte anthro, dejo el vore... ya no me interesa seguir, estoy derrotado.

Sólo quiero encontrar un buen empleo con el cual poder mantener a mi familia, a Drasami sobretodo, quien se merece todo mi amor, respeto...
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Holidays and Independence Day! Posted 5 years ago
Well, i have advanced a lot in the recent commissions.

Also, I must say that this weekend ill be without internet, because im going to travel to the countryside, to celebrate Chile's Independence holidays, so, as soon as i get back, I'll upload the pending comishs.

Take care !! <3
Back to work ! Posted 5 years ago
Well, thanks to a visit to the medic and with the help of a wrist bandage I can now retake all the pending projects and commissions.
Expect a bulk of upload this weekend. For real ! <3

Ty all for the patience. :B
Tendinitis ! Posted 5 years ago
Well, I have tendintis now. My right hand and wrist sore a lot, because of the physical stress of my last job (construction site) and also because i've been drawing a lot.

I'm sorry for the ppl who commissioned me, this is going to delay a bit more delivery times. Im going to see my doctor this week to see if I can take a pill or something so that way I can go back to work in my commissions.


So, stay tuned !


.- reference sheet tam --> 65% (finishing lineart).
.- Brainstorm's next 6 pages --> 40% (wips and sketches)
DAMN YOU PAYPAL Posted 5 years ago
To all my commissioners, I'm sorry for the delay but I'm currently battling agains Paypal, because they blocked my account with my money in it.

I'm trying to solve this situation, asap, so stay tuned for updates.


1.- "Coloring 2nd page of ref sheet"
2.- Finishing coloring Brainstorm's first 6 pages (comic).
About comissions Posted 6 years ago
Hi people !

I just wanted to ask something about comission. I'm a bit complicated with money this summer (winter in the north hemisphere), and i wanted to know if anyone will be interested on buy cheap $20 comissions, so i can begin working on it.

Anyone ? Questions? Answers ? Propositions? xD
TITANFALLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted 7 years ago
Does anyone plays Titanfall ? I'm looking for some friends in Origin to play with. If you are interested, please, don't be shy ! And send me a message ! :D
Just, don't be creepy. xD
I'm a bit shy at first. :3
About drawing Posted 7 years ago
Should i try to drawing vore or maybe cock vore? I have many doubts, i don't want to suck in that type of genre, but my body and soul wants to draw. I don't know what to do. xD !

Please, don't hate if my skills are lame. >w<
Yay ! My birthday ! Posted 7 years ago
<3 Birthday ! :D

First post, and first birthday that I celebrate on this awesome and voracious page xD !

Cya all ! And take care on valentine's day ! <3