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Low quality art and unfinished art Posted 7 months ago
Do you guys want me to post the artwork/animations that I have gotten that I feel are low quality? I have hired a few new~ish, or semi ok artists/ in the past. Usually when they beg for commissions for some reason. I knew what I was getting into. But I have never posted any of them due to their quality.

I even have some unfinished artwork that I never posted. My Jessica rabbit comic, as an example was the only unfinished artwork I released to the public. I have a few pieces of artwork from artists that have bailed out on me. That I haven't posted due to them being incomplete. Would you guys and gals want to see those as well?

So here is a straw poll for this
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You try to be a good person Posted 1 year ago
Aoiisa and some of his friends opened up commissions, and donations to help out a friend in need. They attempted to do a good thing, and it bit them in the ass.
It turns out that Kego was lying about his medical problems. All the money that Aoiisa, and his friends got from commissions, or donations. Was not going towards the medical care that they were told.

Voracious Rose made a journal post about it. Its long, but its a good read.
Turning 30 Posted 1 year ago
Soon it will be Birthday
Welp, on August 2nd I shall be 30 years old. Two more weeks of being in the twenties.
But in the end it is just another day since its on a Thursday and I will be at work.

Commission news
I really haven't been hiring any new artists as of late. I want to shorten the list of current commissions that I had ongoing. Which it has, it went from 13 to 8.
I just want to get some of them out of the way before hiring more artists. Primarily due to me forgetting about them.
Where my life has become such a rut that I forget to message artist to check on progress.

Patreon rewards
I have been getting two images per month from Vale and Jora. Just added Daibijin and...
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Tagging Posted 2 years ago

Hey guys

Who ever is tagging my art. Thank you, I suck dick at tagging. Like I am not the worst... but there are still a lot of things that I do not think about adding. So thanks for the hard work, and keep it up.
Next plans Posted 2 years ago

Hello, long time no see

How is everyone doing? I am doing alright. Recently there has been mandatory overtime and Saturdays at work.
So I have been busy with that. So what free time I have has been going towards sleep and games.
Been playing a lot of Rust in the past months with a group of giantess artists/supports.
Had a little fiasco with the anonymous artist. But it got sorted out.


I still have one commissions still in the works from the end of last year. Namely being :IconAnimewave-neo:'s comic.
But besides from that all of the other...
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Status Posted 3 years ago

Personal Work

I haven't done much. With what little spare time I have after work. I've been spending it playing games with a few other GTS artists.
Before the games took over, I was working on an animation as well as starting a large image set.


1. Toster King - The two animations I ordered from him have been completed and posted.

2. Kaka from Sedna Studio - Two page coloured comic is done.
It's been done for a while now. But I have been holding onto it to post if I have a long drought.

3. The...
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Posting Posted 3 years ago
I am going to be posting some of my favorite requests I've gotten through out the years.
After this I have a Image set that is almost finished. Its going to feature female cell from this image set
It has been a long time coming Posted 3 years ago
I will be cleaning Eka's up. I am removing all of my old gmod stuff that I did back when I first tried 3d model animating.
I will be re-uploading some old stuff as well as posting some stuff that I haven't posted here.
What is to come Posted 3 years ago
So I have a bad tendency of not updating Eka's. If you want to hear what is happening with commissioned projects go here
http://project-fumika.deviantart.com/jo ... -586906817
I am quite dead. Posted 4 years ago
So due to my new job,technically it is no longer new, I have a lot less time on my hands.
I wont be making anymore animation or image sets, unless I am really in the mood to do so,and they will probably be short ones.
But with this job I have a ton of spending cash now. So from now on you will most likely only be seeing commissions here.