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All drawings will be deleted Posted 5 months ago
All drawing will be deleted and move to new account
New account Posted 5 months ago
https://aryion.com/g4/user/PakaProductions This is where all the drawings will be posted from now on so please head on over there for future drawing updates.
Leaving paka Posted 5 months ago
Hey, everyone, it seems there has been some miss understanding on this site one there are two people who own this account paka who is the artist and me Lassie who keep track of the commission. Do to me forgetting some info I would like to say I am very sorry for the trouble.To paka and the people I am sorry, I will try to do better next time if I am ever given the chance to handle it better, therefore, I will no longer be apart of this anymore. That being said, goodbye to all and again I am sorry.

I'm going to be leaving the account and giving full control over to Paka as it seems that I have been causing trouble not neede therefore I will no longer be working with Paka any more. To all of the commissioners, I kind of mess up with I am truly sorry for the mistreatment...
[ Continued ... ]
Commission reminder Posted 6 months ago
Hello we would like those who have ask us for a commission in the past to please remind us so we do not forget. It has been a very long time and do too many things in rl effecting the work hour, please remind us with detail of what it was you commission from us
Commission update Posted 8 months ago
trashpossum: (almost done)

steel sonic: (done)



CaptainElusive (almost done)

doggo boi: ( in the works)

avalon: ( in the works)

vmaster( half done)

Badfurson( almost done)

Commissar_prick (in the works)
Thank you everyone Posted 8 months ago
Thank you everyone
Thank you.
Thank you everyone.
Thanks to everyone who donated, as I have enough to pay rent.
It's because of you guys and gals that I can still do drawings for you guys.
Thank you, for your generosity, your kind messages, and all of your support.
Thank you so much for all the help for not just this, but for multiple occasions that you guys have saved my rump from being kicked out on numerous occasions. I could not be anymore grateful for all of it.

As a reward to those who have donated, I owe you some form of gratitude towards you guys.
So to anyone who donated, please send a PM of a sketch you would like made.
It's on the house.

Again, thank you.

Well I am bone Posted 8 months ago
So My job is pretty much screwing me over now is paying me less money and fucking rent is do in 2 days. God look I know this keep happing alot but I don't know what else to fucking do anymore then just ask for money, my job won't help me my landlord is not having it with the waiting for me to get my payment. I want to fucking cry right now, my fucking life is shit I don't know what else to fucking do and I am in a very bad mood right now. I don't even know if anyone willing to spend 250$ cause my optimism had just died.

https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?c ... source=url
Thanksgiving live stream Posted 8 months ago
Gonna be doing some thanksgiving live stream https://picarto.tv/Roriel
Patreon open Posted 8 months ago
Our first ever Patreon is now open guys if you like to support then head on over to the link below.
Pregnant poll Posted 8 months ago
Hello everyone lassy here so it seems alot of you really enjoyed the pregnant blaze so here a poll to see which character you would like to see get pregnant in a future drawing https://www.strawpoll.me/18917758