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Sorry For The Lack of Posting Posted 3 years ago
So I am apologizing to those who have me watched for not posting anything new in a good while. I have been unable to get anything commissioned. All the artists I normally go to and even some I wanted to try for the first time have been too busy to let me commission anything. I am sorry for that and hope that someone will be available to take my money soon.
Games N' Things Posted 4 years ago
So I have recently gotten into streaming the games I play since a few friends of mine showed interest in watching me play. I figured "What the hell? There are people on Ekas who might want to come and chat with me and maybe watch me play so." So I am going to start posting links here whenever I do start streaming. I am having a banner pic commissioned just for that occasion. I hope to see some of you there so you can yell things at me in the chat while I play.

Incidentally DanzoLegend That guy in the link right there and I tend to play games and stream together sometimes, so you are all welcome to come watch us either beat the hell over...
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Milestone. Lot of Freaking Views Posted 4 years ago
So yeah I hit over one mil views no too long ago. I never thought I would get that high up there when I don't really produce anything and simply commission stuff, but he would you look at that. Thanks to everyone who has faved, commented, and watched me. I plan to continue to get more stuff in the future so keep watching if you like what you have seen. If you don't like it then stop watching. I am not really a blog person since I don't contribute much to the site myself, but I figured 1 million views was as good a time as any to make one since its been.
Honest Opinions Posted 5 years ago
Ok so there have been a few things to factor in what I am about ask. Firstly several times people seemed nervous when talking to me on here and I felt like it was more than just shyness. Secondly people have sometimes talked to me for the first time but already seem to know about me. And thirdly I am just plain curious. What kind of reputation do I have on this site if any at all. Honestly I am not going to delude myself into thinking I am important or famous enough for most people here to spend time formulating opinions of me. But if they have, tell me what they said. Good or bad, and be as blunt as they were. I don't need names, I am not going to hunt them down if they don't like me or said something mean.

Also please comment below what your personal opinion of me is. I am...
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Ok so a few things. Posted 6 years ago
Firstly everyone reading this has probably noticed that I have gotten back into writing again. I am going to try and put out a new story every week or two, depending on when I have ideas for a new story, or the inspiration.

I do apologize if my writing skills are a bit rusty I did stop writing for about 2 and a half years maybe longer so that can have an effect like that. I hope to eventually get good enough that I can start taking commissions, but I am not really sure what my skill level should be before I start doing that.

Now if there are any particular characters of mine that you would like to see more of, or pairings of my characters you would like to see please comment. This page here has all my characters on it.
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Its mah birthday Posted 6 years ago
Hey everyone its my birthday today. I am 24.....I feel old. Not a whole lot left to look forward to except next year when my car insurance lowers. Been kind of a shitty birthday so far.
Stories involving Anoto Posted 7 years ago
OK so I have been thinking of getting back into writing after not having done any in over a year. I am kind of feeling like doing some involving my neko character Anotk. I was wondering if anybody is actually interested in reading something like that or if I would be wasting my time. Please give me input, comments, suggestions, money (kidding....unless you want to), whatever you have to say. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions in advance, though I do already have a few in mind
Its my birthday Posted 9 years ago
Yeah its my 21st birthday today. Already started celebrating it at 12am last night, it was pretty wild. Thankfully I did not drink too much and wake up in some strange stomach or something. It was looking like it was going to be pretty lame because most of the people that showed up did not have any money including me. Thankfully we eventually pooled it together to buy some drinks and a cake. No it was not a stripper cake....because I am pretty sure it would have been a stripper that eats people and the whole party would have ended with the sound of the gurgle.
Yeah.... Posted 9 years ago
My computer is messed up again and this time much worse than before. I may have to buy a new hard drive and I might lose everything on my computer. So to those I am currently in rp's with my replies may slow down some. I can still post via my phone, so its not like I am completely disconnected. Just giving everyone which cares s heads up.
Well Crap.... Posted 9 years ago
Yeah sorry everyone, my comp is messed up right now. So unnfortunately I will not be able to get on an post until it is fixed. I really apologize to those I am RPing with.