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Lack of Updates, The Next Comic, and Unreleased Works. Posted 1 year ago
It's probably quite obvious at this point that I'm not very good with keeping up with any time schedule that I set. Pushing aside most of the usual excuses, I've been holding off on working on the comic until I've finished with the next major update to my game as that in itself is already long overdue. Thankfully I've made some progress in that avenue, but I'll avoid pinning any estimate on its release as I'll no doubt miss it. However, once it is done I'll take a breather from the game for a little bit to work on and push out a couple of pages for the "One Night Stand" comic idea that I mentioned in my previous blog post.

In the meantime, I want to see if there's an interest in some of the works that I've put some effort in over the past few months and years but...
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New Comic Ideas Posted 1 year ago
I'm been itching to create a new comic as it's been while since the last big one, but with life going on, the v8 update of my game needing to be illustrated, and other projects going on, it's going to be awhile before I can start working on one. That's why I'm pitching a couple of ideas out right now to get some early feedback before I commit to one, as while I would love to do them all right now, my time is not infinite. Let me know which ones you would like to see first, or just any feedback in general.

Note: All these comics will be female-oriented and otherwise follow the same underlining themes as the rest of my work (so yes: soft vore, big assets, and nudity abound).

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen
"I lived on the same farm for as long...
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Need help with uploading illustrated story [Solved] Posted 1 year ago
I've got a word document with a story that I wrote along with nine images sprinkled through as illustrations, but every time I try to upload it either most or all of the images are left out in the final gallery submission. I've tried reducing the raw image sizes, but that turned 'most' of the images missing into 'all' of the images missing. The word file is about 70MB and is in .docx format, and while a PDF might work I would prefer for the story to be viewable on mobile devices without requiring the user to download the file. If anyone could give me any tips on how to upload it so that the images aren't dropped, I would appreciate it.