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Merry christmas! Posted 7 months ago
Merry Christmas y’all! Hope to get back to writing and pumping out some stories soon. Have many ideas for the adventures and trials of Kathleen and her little pervert Annie alongside maybe some new characters!
K&A Posted 10 months ago
Originally I created the pair in response to many reluctant preds and couples on Eka’s such as Gabi, Red and Wolfette, Sophie and Belinda etc

You see many reluctant preds, many pred/prey couples but personally haven’t seen a pred where the reluctance is actually followed through with sometimes. Yeah they don’t wanna eat people but usually they’re pretty okay with keeping them eaten!
Q&A and new story Posted 10 months ago
Been working on a new story for my OC’s Kathleen Booker and Annabelle Rose. It’s been a bit challenging to get done but I’m hoping it’ll be finished fairly soon.

Besides that I think it’d be fun to do some Q&A! Got any questions for Kathleen, Annie, and/or Joy? Ask below! I’ll make a story where they answer! (If there’s enough questions)