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K&A Posted 2 months ago
Originally I created the pair in response to many reluctant preds and couples on Eka’s such as Gabi, Red and Wolfette, Sophie and Belinda etc

You see many reluctant preds, many pred/prey couples but personally haven’t seen a pred where the reluctance is actually followed through with sometimes. Yeah they don’t wanna eat people but usually they’re pretty okay with keeping them eaten!
Q&A and new story Posted 2 months ago
Been working on a new story for my OC’s Kathleen Booker and Annabelle Rose. It’s been a bit challenging to get done but I’m hoping it’ll be finished fairly soon.

Besides that I think it’d be fun to do some Q&A! Got any questions for Kathleen, Annie, and/or Joy? Ask below! I’ll make a story where they answer! (If there’s enough questions)