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October 2021 Posted 1 month ago
Since it's been a while here is a update:

I'm still here as you can see with my latest uploads! I hope you liked them! I just had a itch to draw this stuff. I may do some more Pokemon or spooky related stuff for the theme of the month. Depends on what I'm craving of course. I'd like to get some old comics remade or finally get to finishing art I've had in storage for years. We will see! I picked up streaming again. I hope to do more in the future.

I'm activating my Patreon again. I was on a break if you didn't get the memo. So if you're pledged, then you will be charged for this month. Get ready to receive some messages on Patreon. Flat colored requests and sketch packs will be offered again. If you missed any past rewards then message me on Patreon and I will...
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