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Updated Gallery Posted 1 month ago
Enjoy some of the highlights, and I do mean some, that were never posted to Eka's since I've spent most of my time on my main account
No more Commissions Posted 11 months ago
Im not doing anymore commissions.
Been thinking Posted 1 year ago
About taking a crack at writing. Sometimes your artistic abilities are too limited to properly convey something you wanna see :(.
Anything you guys want to see in the future? Posted 1 year ago
Collecting ideas.
D: Posted 1 year ago
Oh shit. Forgot about this place.
What I do Posted 1 year ago
I do vore, anal vore, unbirth, stuffing, preg, Hyperpreg, elements of bbw, slob, and a touch of furryism.

I don't take requests, I take suggestions ;).

Hope to deliver more vore pics, soon.
Hey. Posted 1 year ago
Here we go.