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Frankenstein girls Posted 1 month ago
Imma say it, Frankenstein girls are really underrated and we honestly need more of them in art.
Yall already know my girl, so I hope that she inspires other folks to make Franken girls of their own.
Takin a lil break. Posted 1 month ago
as you can tell by the title, I'll be taking a break from NSFW art for a little while.
Don't worry, I ain't gonna be gone forever, I'll be back to posting stuff after a little break, just gotta take some time off ya know?
Also, for those that have commissioned, me, don't you worry I will be getting to and finishing your commissions.
Most likely next weekend though.
But don't worry, I've always been quick when it comes to getting stuff done.
Felix's name change Posted 2 months ago
Soooooooo, I was made aware that Felix' name, specifically his last name Argyle was the same as the femboy from Re Zero.
I went and changed his surname not his first name.
Now his name is Felix Aradia.
Jenny's new ref and a lil update for Mayura Posted 2 months ago
I went and gave Jenny a whole new ref, also reworked the description on her ref too.
I also made some minor changes to Mayura's ref, her eye looks a little bit different, and I also fixed up the wrappings around her feet a little bit.
Thinkin of posting some stuff Posted 2 months ago
So I've been thinking to myself today aaaaaaaaaaand I was considering in posting some art of one of my characters Jenny on here.
Now before let me be clear. Every time I've drawn her it's never in any perverted of sexual manner.
Whenever I draw her it's meant to be either a silly scenario or a cute scene with her.
Especially when it comes to vore scenarios it's usually meant to be a cute scenario with her.
I'm personallly debating on it, might do it, might not, not too sure.
Got my discord back! Posted 2 months ago
COMMISSIONS: OPEN! Posted 2 months ago
Heyo everyone! Incase yall wanna get somethin from me just send me a PM!
I'd greatly appreciate it!
Welp that sucked! Posted 2 months ago
So my discord got hacked! No worries though, I've got an Alt ready and working like a charm!
I'll put the @ here :

I love my girls Posted 2 months ago
I just really like my girls a lot. Like a whole fuck ton lot.
I like my dudes too don't get me wrong!
But I just can't help but like my girls, especially when they're freaking big, round and filled with a buncha food or prey.
New Ref Sheets and Some charactes design updates! Posted 3 months ago
I went and updated a few of my OC designs!
Arin and Talia got whole new refs, Talia especially!
Shuko got a whole new look.
Jessie's got some eye shadow now.
Veronika's got a new ref too.
Lola and Pamela got new refs and some updates to their designs!
Mr. X, Ozwald and Nix got some minor upgrades too.
Neyla and Gaia got new refs, Gaia in particular has a whole new look.
Mayura's fit got a little upgrade.
And I finally added Typhoon, Arkyologia, Vivian and Regans' refs