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WorldEater 1.0.4 patch Posted 3 months ago

+ Sublevel SL-1 Added. Can play if you have Luciel(The demon lord of the otherworld)
+ Fixed the new game glitch
+ Fixed the clear cutscene glitch
+ Luciel(The demon lord of the otherworld)'s Attack speed has increased by +300%
+ Kirn(Fox lancer) can be deployed everywhere now
+ 32 bit support!
WorldEater 1.03 patch Posted 3 months ago
Same link with the older one.

+ Buffed all allies' defense and max hp. The axe berserkers and the magic heroine would trouble you no more.
+ now you have 50 cost when you start the stage. Allows you a fster deployment of your units.
+ Easier to attack enemies with clicks (+10px)
+ Easier to know if you could feed your totem units (+15px, shows the "feed me" animation only when you can actually feed them)
+ 2 sublevels (Acivated when you have the minotaur)
Been making a new game Posted 5 months ago
And that's why I haven't been making commission arts

Problem is that I haven't got enough OCs to put in the game though
I guess I'll try selling the rights to get yours instead?

Yeah it's a weird kind of YCH stuff. Been doing that with the other games too so why not?
Thinking of $80 to $100 for now
So yeah... anyone wanna try writing the scripts for the games? Posted 8 months ago
Well, the Elizabeth full tour stuff is going on, but the Zangoose stuff looks like it's never going to be completed.

Also I made an Ahri POV vore stuff too but it also lacks scripts and stories

So eh, tell me if anyone's interested in writing the stories of those and save them from the fates of being unused
What if I take game commissions Posted 11 months ago
That simply works like the gardevoir game or the toriel game
You need to write the scripts, or get a writer to write a story though uvu
Would you request it if it costs... let's say, $250?
Dah, Commissions, anyone? Posted 3 years ago
I want to buy Breath of the Wild nao. Halp. >:T
Another vacation! Posted 3 years ago
Good, after a year I've met another vacation during this winter. I'll be actively taking commishs so please poke me if anyone is interested =3=
Yay. Vacation Posted 4 years ago
Now I'm free! Free enough to draw one pic a day and play lotsa games!
Aah being a student is a nice thing.
Soh! Since I've got enough time to do stuffs, I'm gonna take requests and commissions. "-" (Well, only if there're people interested in my stupid drawings)

Oh, and I'm only going to take requests with only Touhou characters and nothing else. Sorry peeps =3=
Gotta practice more maws Posted 5 years ago
Not enough mawshot skills and mouth views
Exam over Posted 5 years ago
And I've got lots of free time.
Wonder if anyone would bid if I made YCH or shit