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Dah, Commissions, anyone? Posted 1 year ago
I want to buy Breath of the Wild nao. Halp. >:T
Another vacation! Posted 2 years ago
Good, after a year I've met another vacation during this winter. I'll be actively taking commishs so please poke me if anyone is interested =3=
Yay. Vacation Posted 3 years ago
Now I'm free! Free enough to draw one pic a day and play lotsa games!
Aah being a student is a nice thing.
Soh! Since I've got enough time to do stuffs, I'm gonna take requests and commissions. "-" (Well, only if there're people interested in my stupid drawings)

Oh, and I'm only going to take requests with only Touhou characters and nothing else. Sorry peeps =3=
Gotta practice more maws Posted 4 years ago
Not enough mawshot skills and mouth views
Exam over Posted 4 years ago
And I've got lots of free time.
Wonder if anyone would bid if I made YCH or shit
Exams, exams Posted 4 years ago
I hate this
Lazing. Posted 4 years ago
Maybe I'll just draw Touhou characters nomming each other?
Kay, I'm free, someone gimme something to draw. Posted 4 years ago
I'd like to try drawing some cute characters, so if someone got one or two please request/trade/commission me for it if you're cool about the character becoming food or such. Hah.
Hey, what's this, a blog? Posted 4 years ago
Huh, this might come in handy. I didn't know that this thing existed