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December comms will be delayed Posted 3 days ago
Or they might not open at all, depending on how fast I can go. I've got an outstanding animation I need to complete for Jit, and I'm not taking more stuff until I finish that, and of course it's December, so I'll be visiting my family late in the month and thus busier than usual. Just letting you know in case you were looking forward to getting something right away.
Probably shouldn't have taken comms this month Posted 1 month ago
Probably most of you haven't noticed 'cuz it's not even that long a break, but I've been really unproductive for the last week or so by my own standards. Just wanted to let you know that things hit a rough spot for a while there, and that's why I haven't been uploading anything (including stuff I actually did finish).

I did a couple personal projects (one still in progress, the other completed), one of which was an animation I did in a single day, and I think I'm ready to get back on track. But for those who commissioned me, I'm definitely going to be working on stuff into next month. I've got a decent-sized animation to work on in addition to the comms I took this month because I owe  jeschke for all the fantastic soundwork he did on Hot Purrsuit, and I thought I could...
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Closing comms for the month! Posted 1 month ago
Thanks for everyone who signed up.

Should be open again, hopefully in full capacity, next month. HOPING not to have a pinched nerve by then, but I guess time and the healthcare system will tell.
Limited comms open! Posted 2 months ago
Opening up commissions, but I'm not taking anything big right now (No animations or long comics), for various IRL reasons. I should be good to go at full power next month though.

Send me a note/PM/DM/whatever before Wednesday if you're interested!
Auction over, closing other slots as well* Posted 2 months ago
Alright, the Shinara thing is settled! Congrats to the winner of the auction. You've been contacted. I'll be contacting those who signed up for the flat-rate slots in a bit.

Anyone who participated in the auction but didn't get it and would instead like to take part in the flat-rate slots, let me know in the next couple of days. There's still some open. :)
YCH Reminder Posted 2 months ago

Reminder that slots are open to hang out with Shinara and her tummy, and there's also an auction going on to get IN Shinara's tummy. Auction's on FA exclusively:

Auction ends tomorrow at 7 p.m. Eastern.
Closing Managing Monique YCH Posted 2 months ago
As the title says, picks have been made and PMs sent. Thanks to everyone who showed interest!
Gobbletoons Studio open and seeking applicants! Posted 3 months ago
This first release, a bit of a proof of concept, has some great stuff. We've got a website up reminiscent of those shitty websites you saw in the '90s, and there you can find stuff our contributors are selling, freebies, character bios, and the beginnings of the setting we're creating together. It's small, but it's just a start, and hopefully we're going to keep growing from here on out! As such, we're looking for applicants. The current model for Gobbletoons is simply a bunch of creators helping promote each other and collaborating on projects a little bit. Because the crew is currently very small and we can't outright pay a salary, everything so far is done on a voluntary basis in hopes of spreading our own projects using Gobbletoons as an umbrella, and payouts are whatever customers...
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Closing comms for the month! Posted 3 months ago
See title. Thanks for everyone who signed up!
Opening up comms! Posted 4 months ago
Okay, break over. Starting up commissions again.

Feel free to send me a note/DM/whatever with details and references. I'll be closing again on Thursday.