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so it's been a minute Posted 8 months ago
sorry for not being very active on here. i am announcing that, as of today, i will no longer be using eka's portal.

if you want to see more of my stuff, you can follow me on these platforms:
Twitter (@HungryOnMain)
Pillowfort (@HungryOnMain)
Pandora's Art (@HungryOnMain) (@hungryonmain)

it's been a good three years. i will leave my commissions, trades, and requests up for my former clients' benefit. to my clients waiting on requests, i apologize deeply, and encourage you to reach out to me on the sites listed above.

thank you all so much for following me and enjoying my art. i hope to see you again.

let's do some philosophy Posted 1 year ago
here's a funky little question: does needlework like cross stitching, embroidery, and quilt making count as pixel art? you are working with points on a canvas, and they need to connect to make a full image. for quilt making, the pixels are rather big, but they can still make beautiful pictures. do these mediums count as a non-digital form of pixel art?

i would say yes. for a historical precedent regarding needlework and computers, seamstresses had to sew binary for early computers, since their hands were steady enough to get through the loops (see the documentary "moon machines").
emergency comms open Posted 1 year ago
hom is broke. currently between jobs. will draw vore for money.

check my "commission status" tab for my prices and guidelines.
doodle requests open Posted 1 year ago
wanna draw cute men. have no ideas. you can see my predicament.

suggest cute men in vorny situations and i'll draw them if i can.
stream today Posted 1 year ago
aw yeah babeyyyyy, come watch me draw some vore
request stream coming soon Posted 1 year ago
yeah i'll be doing another RQ stream this saturday

if you're interested drop a PM, and please adhere to the will do/won't do section of my commission status page

only 10 slots open! get em while you can babeyyyyy
call me bender bc i'm back babey Posted 1 year ago
it's been a while huh? yeah sorry about that, living with your family in a pandemic kinda puts a stop to the horny shenanigans

i'm back tho, currently doing cheap $3 comms, get em while you can
STOWAWAY IS FREE NOW Posted 1 year ago
the vore podcast to satisfy your cravings! Posted 2 years ago
hey so yeah! the vore podcast i talked about exists properly now! its name is Have A Byte!

two episodes exist now! yay!

see them now at: !!!
ian spills his thoughts .9 Posted 2 years ago
thinking about making a vore podcast

would anyone listen to a podcast like that? i would hope so