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no drawings :( Posted 2 months ago
Yeah uh, pretty much what it says on the box, I'm trynna get my drawing tablet fixed but it's gonna take a while so, probably gonna be no drawings until them, fellas.
Brief update, since I've actually had a bit of success- Posted 2 months ago
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting much in the way of vore content recently, it's been mostly character stuff. And while y'all have been liking my characters decently enough, I do think I should probably get on actually posting vore content soon, since when I got a gallery, I did agree to have it mostly be vore content.
I have actually been drawing vore stuff, believe it or not, I just haven't been posting it on here since the majority of it is unfinished sketches and stuff, and I prefer to mostly post actually finished drawings.
Just thought I'd drop a brief update, I suppose! See y'all when I get on one of those drawings--

In the meantime, what kind of stuff do y'all actually wanna see anyhow?? Stuff of my ocs, stuff of canon characters? Maybe try my hand at...
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