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Shit I need to fix Posted 6 months ago
Hey guys. Jared here, and I am here to discuss something. If you haven't noticed, I have once again taken a leave of rping, that is a bit longer than the last ones. Well, sometimes, I need to step away, and think about how to go at the rps, as well as how to improve them. Some, I have been able to do so, and some I end up doing the exact same thing I was doing, whether on me, or the other person. So while I intend on continuing all rps I have on this site (if the other posters are willing), but I want to make them better (some I have too much fun doing the usual stuff, though). If I have neglected you on a RP in any fashion, and you really want to continue, DM me about it. Don't leave a comment on my page (Seriously, it pisses me off every time that happens). Just DM me. Rather any and all...
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Week away from rping Posted 1 year ago
Just gonna take a week off from rping.
Jared's list of waifu Posted 1 year ago
Here is my list of waifus from other series.

Tifa Lockhart
Yang Xiao Long
Katsuragi (Senran Kagura)
Super Sonico
Blake Belladonna
Princess Daisy
Princess Zelda (Adult OoT)
Chandra Nalaar
Vore Day and Happy Birthday Posted 1 year ago
Today is Vore Day. A very fun day for us all. However, myself, I have two things to celebrate today.Vore Day and my 28th birthday.
RP hiatus Posted 2 years ago
While I have been doing aloy of rpinf over the last several years, I have finally hit that point of needing to take time off. Until further notice, I will not be replying to rp posts. I need the break.
Bringing some old stuff Posted 2 years ago
You know, being part of the vore community for 7 years, mad eme realize. I put way too much of my old material on one website. So, some of my old material, more specifically from 2011-2014, may be making some appearences on here. Why? Because I feel that once I decide to deactivate my dA page, it will all be gone, and I don't want that to happen.
Creating again Posted 3 years ago
Well guys, not only is it time for me to exercise my physical muscles, but the creative muscles as well. I will be writing some stories for here, dA, and FA. This isn't me taking requests or anything, but if you got a good idea that I am interested in, lemme know.
Depressed Posted 3 years ago
Well, over the last week and a half, I have been pretty damn depressed. Not over the presidential election. However, the depression started when I broke my foot in an accident. When you get a broken foot, especially while you are mentally preparing how to not only get back in shape, but a 7 mile walk, it fucking sucks. The other reason is the day before, I discovered an old friend of mine was killed in Afghanistan. So yeah, been a shitty time lately.
Surgery Posted 3 years ago
ON Tuesday, July 5, at 6:30 A.M. I will be having hernia surgery.
Two new vore concepts Posted 3 years ago
Over the last 4-5 years, I've been thinking on some ideas to go with vore. The concepts are like a giant mansion called the "Vortuary" A portmanteu of Vore and Sanctuary or Vore and Mortuary, depending on how morbid you want to get. The Vortuary would be like a voric brothel, where the employees and cilents can choose to reform or not. If they choose to, then a night rate of $20,000 would be the cost (Expensive yes). However, if they choose to not reform, they have to sign multiple papers and contracts in order for the place and owners never get sued. The place could also be used as a funeral home of sorts, given if the prey doesn't want to survive. A celebration of life would happen, with friends, family, and others enjoying themselves. Even the pred would be invited. Then the...
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