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Wonder woman Posted 5 months ago
I want a YCH of wonder woman for a commision but who should I go with Diana price from the comics or the Gal Gadot version from the DC movies?
Russian Posted 7 months ago
Good news Cold vore fans a new Russian pred is on the way!
Sword and Shield Posted 7 months ago
Gym master Nessa is a Bae!!
Pokemon vore Posted 8 months ago
Hi Guys I have a update on new potential vore stories now that the cold vore series has ended.
This time it will be relating to Pokemon and I have 5 options for Y'all

A) Erika eats Gym leaders from different regions (1 per region)

B) Cynthia eats the other champions (including sun + moon protagonist but no other protag)

C) Juniper eats the other Professors.

D) A namely made gang admin out the gen 1-7 teams eats the bosses of the other teams to earn their bosses trust and then eat her/him (Lusamine included)

E) Bianca eats the other Rivals.
Commisions Posted 8 months ago
I am now accepting writing commissions if anyone is interested pricing starts from 1.00 USD per 100 words so for example a story with 1,500 words would be 15 USD
New time Ekas. Posted 9 months ago
Hi guys my name is Joey and I'm fairly new to ekas and just letting you know what you will mostly see on this channel is purely written works of sexual and non sexual nature however I wont be able to update regularly during to work and what personal situations may come up but I will try to jot down my thoughts on the weekend on my free time when I can ^^.