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Places To Contact Me! Posted 2 months ago
Hey everyone on here!

Just wanna say, if you want to talk/chat with me, the best place would be on discord!

Add me on Discord: KC1O5#6708
(Thats an O not a 0)

And art shows first on twitter!:
Shameless Twitter Plug Posted 9 months ago
Follow me on twitter and help a lad out!!

Love yall *MWAH*
Social Media Plugs! Posted 10 months ago
Hello people who i share the same vore interest in! Im writing this just to shoutout my other social media pages. Specifically twitter, where inpost sketches and whatnot, and trying to grow over there! Alongside my instagram where i post all of my art, and even gift art of my nat or kc! Check em out if u want <3