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got the coof lads Posted 5 months ago

see yall in like two weeks
I am Posted 9 months ago
getting tired of living in Interesting Times
Cake Day the second Posted 1 year ago
Year 2 of lockdown let's goooooooooooo
Cake Day Posted 2 years ago

edit: Thanks for the greets y'all. Was a p comfy day
Twooter Posted 2 years ago
If any of y'all want to get some more incidences of gachabrain posting, retweets of fat fukken anime tiddy, and occasional sneakypeakys of upcoming art, you can hit me up at:
Commission Pricing Update (still closed though) Posted 2 years ago
The Status page has been updooted, just a heads up in case you're interested in getting one once slots open again.
Taking a break from comms Posted 2 years ago
Oof, now that that backlog's done and uploaded imma try and do some personal stuff for a bit
Oh hey, it's 20XX Posted 2 years ago
Comms Closed Posted 3 years ago
Edit: Gonna hold off on taking any more now.

Time to get my butt in gear again

Same deal as before, check the Commission Status tab for info and then hit me up with your ideas in a PM.
one year later (give or take a few months) Posted 3 years ago
Top 15 bruh moments right there, where the hecc did the time go

Thanks for the warm welcome and support my dudes, let's keep this party train goin