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Patreon commissions (CLOSED !) Posted 2 weeks ago
New $15 and $20 tiers on Patreon ! You can request b&w art or full colored mawshot !
PB comics Posted 3 months ago
You can find all storyboard pages on my Patreon. Also my current patrons will receive a free copy after I finish it. ^ ^
Gonna sell it on Gumroad !
Upd: you can find also some pics about comics on Twitter and DA !
~ Mona comics ~ Posted 7 months ago
Started new VIP comics with Mona ! It's the most difficult work for me and I want to make it perfect !
More info on my Patreon page:
Patreon Posted 1 year ago
I just updated my Patreon page ! I will happy if you can support me there. If you want to see more strips and pages you can help me by supporting here: !